About Us

Well, who am I?

My name is Mark. I love playing foosball (Table Soccer) with my friends.

One of the first things I got when I moved from my parents and into a bachelor pad with 3 of my good friends was a Foosball Table (Garlando G-2000).

That being over 15 years ago, I have played my share of foosball, and I still love the game.

So why am I making this site about foosball? Well… being that I am a school teacher by profession I enjoy sharing knowledge. Also, I like computers and a good challenge so I set myself the goal to make this website the best place for information and resources on Foosball. Expanding on all things foosball related.

That is why on this site I will be covering everything from the absolute basics of foosball to the advanced and even professional side of the game.

I will be making buyers guides for both hobby players, pro players and the bar owner that just want a table for his guests to enjoy.

Make Foosball Great Again!

Mark, FoosballTips.com