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Best Outdoor Foosball Tables – (Updated for 2020)

A good game of Foosball often brings fun to boring parties, social events or even weekends. The game does not require much set up as it is a tabletop game. Most Foosball tables can be moved around according to the requirements of the players. And what better than to enjoy good weather and a nice game of foosball at the same time. It is sure to lighten up the BBQ party. That being said you could also get this great drink cooler/foosball table.

But if you want to play on a real table outside, it is recommended that you use a table that is made to withstand the strains the table will meet. Below I have made a small list where I review the Pros and Cons on some tables in different price ranges that way you will easier be able to make a decision based on facts.

List of tables

Read more on each table further down in the article.

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Foosball Table Buying Guide

Before buying a Foosball table you need to take your needs into consideration. You should think about these questions

  • Where are you planning to use the table? Indoors, outdoors or both?
  • Where is it going to be placed?
  • Does it need to be moved around?
  • Do you need any specific features other than those available on standard Foosball tables?
  • Should it be a kid-friendly table?
  • Does it need to be compact or foldable?

After clearly assessing your Foosball gaming needs, you can make a clear decision about which kind of Foosball table is best for you. Foosball tables are classified into three main categories according to where they can be used.

Indoor Foosball Tables – These tables are best suited for use inside the home. These tables are not designed for outdoor use as they cannot withstand the harsh climate. Indoor Foosball tables often become damaged when used for a prolonged time outside. Indoor Foosball tables can handle occasional spills but they are not weather resistant.

Outdoor Foosball Tables – These tables are suitable for playing Foosball outdoors. The outdoor Foosball tables have weather-resistant materials to protect them from exposure. Some outdoor tables have wheels to move them around.

Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Tables – Few Foosball tables can be used both inside and outside the home. These tables are often lightweight, flexible and sturdy. These features make them suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Foosball Table

An outdoor Foosball table provides great entertainment during barbecues, parties and family gatherings. These tables can be placed outdoors as they are made sturdily to resist the weather elements A few features that an outdoor Foosball table should have are:

  • Weather Resistant Materials – The table should be made of good quality weather-resistant materials. The table should be protected against moisture, heat, harmful UV rays and other natural elements. As the table is intended for outdoor use, it should be protected from the natural elements to avoid damage.
  • Sturdy Built – The outdoor Foosball table should have a strong body. The table has a steady base and is heavy enough so that it does not tip over when placed on uneven ground.
  • Safety Features – Children may try to move, climb or jump off your outdoor Foosball table. A sturdy, heavyweight table will maintain its balance and avoid causing injuries.
  • Low Maintenance – A good outdoor Foosball table should not be high maintenance. Apart from the occasional dusting or wiping, the owner should not need to spend much time keeping the Foosball table in good condition.
  • Anti Rust Coating – The screws and other metal parts used on the outdoor Foosball table should have an anti-rust coating. This coating will protect the metal parts from developing rust and getting damaged due to exposure.
  • Table Cover – Covering the table when it is not in use, is a good idea to avoid damage. A proper table cover ensures that the playing surface remains clean and damage-free even during storage. If the table cover is not included as a part of the package, then it is highly recommended that the customer buy it at an extra cost.

The Best Outdoor Foosball Tables

There are many different Foosball tables designed for outdoor play. Each Foosball table has unique features and is made from different weather-resistant materials. It is a good idea to choose an outdoor Foosball table after checking all the features it offers. The weather conditions in your region also play a vital role in choosing the table. Look out for Foosball tables made with weather-resistant materials that work for your needs.

Here are some of the top outdoor Foosball tables so read on to find the Pros and Cons of each table.

Rene Pierre Tahiti Outdoor Foosball Table

We start out in the more expensive luxury handcrafted department of outdoor foosball tables. These tables manufactured in France. Each table is unique as they are handcrafted.

The French artisans hand paint the Foosball playing men. These outdoor Foosball tables follow the French style of playing soccer which is different from football.

The foosball table is specially designed to make the game more fluid. The reinforced angled base of these tables offers better ball control and finesse play experience for the players.

These outdoor Foosball tables follow the French style of playing soccer which is different from football. The foosball table is specially designed to make the game more fluid. The reinforced angled base of these tables offers better ball control and finesse play experience for the players.


  • Eco-Friendly Material – The Foosball tables are made from Eco-friendly Medex material. This plastic derivative helps the Foosball table to resist damage from water, moisture, and humidity. The Foosball table remains durable and provides a smooth playing surface.
  • Durability – The Rene Pierre Tahiti outdoor Foosball tables are durable as they give good resistance damage from natural elements. The tables can withstand exposure to humidity, UV rays, heat, water, and insects.
  • Easy playing Foosball Playing Rods – The Foosball playing rods have ergonomic handles which make it easier to move them. This relieves stress on the player’s wrists and avoids causing pain. The players can play fast-paced Foosball for a longer duration due to this feature.
  • Anti Rust – The Foosball playing rods are rustproof and water-resistant. The rustproof coating ensures their durability as they can withstand prolonged outdoor exposure. The playing rods also retain their flexibility and continue to provide fast-paced game Foosball experience for a long time.
  • Safety Feature – The telescopic design acts as a safety feature as the Foosball playing rods do not pass through the table. This helps to avoid causing injuries to your opponent or spectators during an intense match.
  • Details – The die-cast metal playing men are hand-painted by French artisans. This gives the Foosball table a unique personal touch.
  • Scoring Units – Two abacus scoring units are available on each side of the table. The players can keep track of their scores on these units.
  • Single Goalie – There are two single goalies on either side for each player. This makes the game challenging.
  • Pre-Assembled – The best advantage of buying a Rene Pierre Tahiti Outdoor Foosball table is that they are pre-assembled. The buyer need not spend time to assemble the Foosball table.


  • High Price – The Rene Pierre Tahiti Outdoor Foosball tables cost $1799 per unit. The price is quite high when compared to outdoor Foosball tables from other brands.
  • No Inclusions – The Foosball table does not have any complimentary inclusions. The balls for the game and table cover are not included in the package. Customers need to buy these items according to their preference at an extra cost.
  • No Leg Levellers – This outdoor Foosball table does not have leg levelers. Leg levelers help to keep the Foosball table steady on the uneven ground outdoors. An even and steady table is needed to conduct a fair Foosball game. If the table moves or tilts to one side, it may give undue advantage to one player.
  • No Wheels – Having wheels on an outdoor Foosball table makes it easy to move it around outside. This table, unfortunately, does not have wheels. It has to be carried around to an appropriate place outdoors. But if you don’t want to move it around this is actually also a benefit since the table will be more stable.

Here is a link to René Piere’s official website if you want to see more of their products.

Here is a short assembly video of the Tahiti table

Playcraft Extera

Playcraft Extera Outdoor Foosball tables are a perfect accompaniment for outdoor activities.

These sturdy and heavyweight Foosball tables have weather-resistant cabinets and leg components. The exterior finish of the table gives it UV protection and the PU coating makes them durable.

This is a very heavy table that feels like it is capable of withstanding a hurricane (don’t test this). It is nice to have a sturdy table when playing especially if your underground surface isn’t always the best when setting up a table outside.


  • Inclusions – The Foosball table comes included with four standard Foosball balls and a table cover. The customer need not incur an extra cost to buy these essential components.
  • Leg levelers – The table has six-inch leg levelers for keeping it steady even on uneven ground. The levelers prevent the table from tilting or shaking while playing outdoors. Leg levelers are essential as they keep the Foosball table steady and create a fair playing environment for both players.
  • Aluminum Foosball rods – The Foosball rods on the Playcraft Extera made of aluminum. This material makes the playing rods lighter and more flexible. The playing rods can be moved easily do not cause any pain to the players even during intense matches.
  • ABS material – The Foosball playing men made with ABS material. They are heat resistant and durable which prevents them from getting damaged. The Foosball playing men have screws fixed into the aluminum rods which keep them from moving or falling off from their place during the game.
  • Square Legs – The Playcraft Extera Outdoor Foosball Table has square legs. This unique shape helps to keep the table steady outdoors and gives it a strong base. The table does not shake and remains steady even when children try to push it around and avoids causing accidental injuries. This is a good outdoor Foosball table to buy if there are children in the home.
  • Heavy – The table is quite heavy and sturdy which makes it most suitable for outdoor play. The weight of the table helps to keep it balanced and it remains steady outdoors.
  • Scoring units – The Players can keep track of their scores with the two abacus scorers on each side of the table. The abacus scorers are color coordinated for easy identification.


  • No Wheels – The table does not have built-in wheels despite weighing at 225 pounds. More than two people need to lift and move this heavy table around to place it at an appropriate place outdoors.
  • No single goalie – There are no single goalies on this Foosball table. The number of Foosball players on all the playing rods is the same.
  • Assembly required – The Playcraft Extera Outdoor Foosball Table is not pre-assembled. The buyer needs to put it together to start playing Foosball.
  • Not Foldable – The table does not have foldable legs for easy storage. The table has to kept upright even when it is not in use.

Here is a short assembly video of the Extera table

Garlando G2000

Garlando is a European Foosball table manufacturer in Europe. The table offers finesse play that is different from the fast-paced American Foosball.

The blue and grey colors on the table look good and give it an interesting effect. The weather resistance materials in the table make it durable for outdoor play.

Product Dimensions 56.3 L x 30 W x 34.6 H

This table has been discontinued by the manufacture.
But you can still buy one used on Craigslist or eBay.
I advise you to take a look at the Garlando Master Pro Outdoor below.


  • Inclusions – The Foosball table comes included with 10 standard white Foosball balls. A water-proof cover is also included for protecting the table when not in use.
  • Playing Men – The blue and grey colored Foosball playing men are made of Moplen and are molded onto the playing bars. This prevents them from getting displaced from their position even during intense games.
  • Weatherproof – The playing field is laminated with plastic and is moisture resistant. Special waterproof glue is used to keep all the components intact. Marine plywood and anti-rust steel protect the Foosball table against the elements.
  • Single goalie – Each player has a single goalie on his team. This makes the game interesting.
  • Foosball Rods – The Telescopic design of the Foosball rods are a safety feature of this table. They prevent accidental injuries caused by rods passing through the table. High resistance steel and anti-rust chromium plating make the rods durable.
  • Leg Levellers – The Garlando G2000 Outdoor Foosball table has leg levelers. They keep the Foosball table steady on the uneven ground outdoors. This feature prevents creating an uneven or tilted playing surface.


  • No wheels – The Garlando G2000 Outdoor Foosball table does not have wheels. This makes it difficult to move the table around outdoors. The table has to be carried around outdoors.
  • Not fold-able – Having fold-able legs would have been a great feature for a G2000 Foosball table. The fold-able legs would have made storing the table easier when not in use. Transporting the table is also difficult as it remains in an upright position only and occupies too much space.
  • Requires Assembly – The table requires assembly as it does not come as ready to play. Having a friend to help out with the assembly saves time.

Click here to go to Garlando’s homepage

Garlando Master PRO

The Garlando Master PRO is a heavy-duty, professional outdoor Foosball table. The table is resistant to moisture, humidity, rust, and sunlight due to the materials used to make it. The Foosball table is designed according to Foosball regulations and provides a professional playing field.

Product Dimensions 56.6 L x 29.9 W x 34.6 H


  • Folding legs – The table has fold-able legs which makes it easy for storing it away when not in use. Transporting the table also becomes easier as it does not take up much space when folded.
  • Scores – The abacus scorers on each side of the table are useful for keeping a track of the player’s scores.
  • Inclusions – The table comes with 10 standard white balls for playing Foosball.
  • Safety Feature – The telescopic design of the rods avoids causing accidental injuries. Both players are safe as the rods cannot pass through the table at any time.
  • Extra Protection – The Garlando Master PRO has a special protection feature that helps in keeping the playing field free from damage. The playing field has plastic lamination that provides resistance to damage from water and moisture.
  • Special Glue – Special waterproof glue is also used to ensure all the components on the playing field stay in place.
  • Special White Paint – The white lines on the playing field are silk screen printed with a special ink. These lines do not fade away when due to sun exposure and they are water-resistant too.


  • Table cover not included – The Foosball table does not come with its own table cover. The customers would have to buy the table cover at an extra to protect their table during storage.
  • No Wheels – Does not have wheels on its legs. This makes it difficult to move the table around outdoors.
  • Absence of Leg levelers – This Foosball table does not have leg levelers in spite of being designed for outdoor use. The absence of leg levelers does not ensure a fair, professional game when the table is set on uneven ground.
  • Requires Assembly – The table requires assembly as it does not come as ready to play. Having a friend to help out with the assembly saves time.

Click here to go to Garlando’s homepage

Garlando Open Air Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Folding Foosball Table

This Foosball table is designed for outdoor use all year around. The table can resist all the weather elements and remain damage-free.

The Foosball table is made from anti-rust materials and offers protection against water, moisture, humidity, heat and UV rays. They help to maintain the durability of the Foosball table.

Product Dimensions 56 L x 43.5 W x 35 H


  • Weather-resistant cabinet – The Foosball table has a weatherproof cabinet that can protect it against all weather elements. Reinforced fiberglass used on the cabinet gives it full protection against damage from heat, UV rays, moisture, and dust. This feature allows outdoor use of the Foosball table all year round.
  • Foldable legs – The fold-able legs of Garlando Open Air make it easy to store it away when it is not being used. The foldable legs can be operated with two easy handles on the stand. The foldable legs allow the table to be transported easily as it does not occupy much space in the vehicle.
  • Ball recovery – Foosball ball retrieval becomes easy as there is an exit behind each goal. This eliminates the need to pause the game for retrieving the ball.
  • Telescopic Bars – The Foosball playing bars have a telescopic design which prevents accidental injuries. The playing bars have high resistance and they retain their durability even after prolonged use. The anti-rust chromium plating keeps them damage free from water and moisture.
  • Easy handling – The Foosball rods have steel roller bearings which makes them easy to move. These rods do not cause discomfort to the player’s wrists and allow them to play fast-paced games.
  • Molded players – Moplen material is used for making the Foosball playing men. This material is durable and ensures that the figures remain unbreakable. The playing men are also molded onto the Foosball rods. This keeps them from getting moving and displaced after prolonged use.
  • Inclusions – The Garlando Open Air outdoor Foosball table comes included with 10 white standard plastic balls only.


  • No table cover – The Foosball table cover is not included with the purchase of the table. The customers have to buy the table cover at an extra cost.
  • No levelers – This Foosball table does not have leg levelers. This is a big disadvantage for an outdoor Foosball table as the ground outdoors might not be smooth and level at all times. Having a steady balanced table is a prerequisite for playing a fair game.
  • No wheels – The Foosball table does not have wheels on its legs. The absence of wheels makes it difficult to move the table around outdoors as it has to be physically lifted.
  • Requires Assembly – The table requires assembly as it does not come as ready to play. Having a friend to help out with the assembly saves time.

Click here to go to Garlando’s homepage

Kettler Carbon Outdoor

The Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball table has a unique feature. It has a glass surface on the playing field which helps to keep the Foosball playing field in a pristine condition even after prolonged use.

The Foosball table is designed with side and corner rails to ensure that the ball remains in play resulting in a fast action game.

Weatherproof resin and high-quality laminates have also been used in manufacturing this table and these materials ensure the table’s durability.

Product Dimensions 58 L x 46 W x 35 H

This is a very good table for the price.


  • Glass surface – The playing field has a glass surface protecting it against the elements. The field remains clean and the markings do not fade away due to prolonged sun exposure.
  • Fast-paced game – The ball also moves faster on a glass surface and allows the players to experience a fast-paced game.
  • Nylon bushings – The Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball table also has nylon bushings. These offer high-speed action and reduce wear and tear.
  • Rails – This Foosball table has side and corner rails which help to keep the ball in play. The ball continues to come back to the playing field due to the side and corner rails. As a result, the players can play the game without slowing down for the ball.
  • Scores – Resin score counters on both sides of the table help the players to keep an accurate score. The blue/grey cubes help in distinguishing each player’s individual score.
  • Easy ball retrieval – The players do not have to pause the game to collect the ball after a goal. The ball comes out through the ball pockets located behind each player’s goal post.
  • Inclusions – The Foosball table comes with 5 resin balls and a table cover. The table cover protects the table from the elements when the table is in storage.
  • Leg levelers – The Foosball table has leg levelers to keep it steady outdoors. This is a great feature for an outdoor Foosball table as most outdoor surfaces are often uneven.
  • Single Goalie – The Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball table has a single goalie for each player. This makes the game closer to soccer and makes playing Foosball exciting for the players.


  • No wheels – Wheels make it easy to move a Foosball table around outdoors. The Kettler Carbon outdoor Foosball table does not have wheels and has to carry around.
  • No foldable legs – This Foosball table does not foldable legs which would make it easy to store. The foosball table has to be kept upright even when it is not being used. Transporting the Foosball table is also a hassle as it will occupy too much space because the table legs cannot be folded.
  • Requires Assembly – The table requires assembly as it does not come as ready to play. Having a friend to help out with the assembly saves time.

Read more on Kettler’s homepage here.

Park and Sun Blue Sky Beech wood Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table

This Foosball table boasts of a high-performance playing surface which makes it a tournament style table.

The use of beech wood (Tan) PVC makes the table moisture resistant and avoids damage from exposure.

The quality materials used for making this Foosball table ensures its durability outdoors.

Product Dimensions 53 L x 30 W x 35 H


  • Playing field – The Foosball table has a heat transferable, blue poly performance playing field. This material ensures that the playing field does not get damaged by sun exposure, UV rays, and heat.
  • Corner Panels – The playing field also has corner panels to ensure the ball rolls back into the game. This helps the players to maintain the momentum of the game without slowing down for the ball. The players can experience a fast-paced Foosball game due to this feature.
  • Foosball rods – The Foosball rods are made of fiberglass material and are durable even after prolonged use. The fiberglass material allows the players to move the rods smoothly and does not stress their wrists. The players experience a fast and quick action in the game due to the fiberglass rods. The Foosball playing rods on this table also have rubber bumpers. These rubber bumpers help the players to get a good grip on the playing rods and enable them to play a faster game.
  • Unique table legs – The Park and Sun outdoor Foosball table are designed in a way to make it easy to move the table around outdoors. This Foosball table is equipped with both leg levelers and non-scuff casters. One side of the table’s legs have levelers while the other side has built it non-scuff casters. The Foosball table legs are powder coated with aluminum for protection against the outdoor elements and to ensure its durability.
  • Single goalie – This Foosball table features a single goalie for each player. The single goalie feature makes the game closer to reality and makes it interesting.


  • No Inclusions – The Park and Sun outdoor Foosball table does not come with complementary components. The Foosball balls and table cover have to be bought at extra cost.
  • Fading paint– The white lines on the playing field are not made with any special paint. The white lines tend to fade away after prolonged exposure to the sun. These lines have to be re-drawn on the Foosball playing field to make the Foosball table ready for play again.
  • Side ball retrieval – This Foosball table does not have two separate ball caps for each player. There is only one ball return cap on the table and it is located at the side of the table. Both the players have to take the ball from the side of the table. This causes an unnecessary pause in the game.
  • Requires Assembly – The table requires assembly as it does not come as ready to play. Having a friend to help out with the assembly saves time.

Maillith Outdoor Foosball Tables

Maillith Foosball tables are manufactured in Germany. The company allows customization of their outdoor Foosball tables.

The Maillith Foosball tables are made of polymer concrete which is an extremely durable material.

The table boasts of a permanent smooth playing surface that does not get damaged by any natural elements.

The playing rods are made of stainless steel and do not rust under exposure to moisture, water or humidity. This Foosball table also has rubber buffers that provide an extra layer of weather resistance and helps in avoiding damage by natural elements.

The Foosball playing men, inbuilt abacus scorer and Foosball playing balls are all made of PVC material which prolongs their durability outdoors. The table legs have ground attachments and rubber buffers for safety.

The Maillith Foosball tables are best suited for outdoor play in schools, playgrounds, and offices. Homeowners who are Foosball enthusiasts and take the game seriously can also get these tables installed on their properties.

Product Dimensions 55 L x 53 W x 35.4 H

Weight 749.5 pounds

Click here if you wanna see the manufactures


  • Materials – The Maillith outdoor Foosball tables are made from polymer concrete. This material is resistant to all weather conditions and provides extreme durability to the table. The table is resistant to UV rays and does not get damaged from prolonged exposure to the elements.
  • Custom made – The tables are custom made according to the client’s preference. Each table is unique and reflects the client’s taste. The game through and the player colors can be changed as per the client’s preference. The playing rod ends can also be fitted with protective caps upon request.
  • Ground attachment – The Foosball table comes to a ground attachment feature. This is a safety feature of the Foosball table as the table is very heavy. The table can be fixed easily on any outdoor surface.
  • Low maintenance – The Mailith outdoor Foosball table does not need any maintenance or upkeep. This is because the Foosball table is made of polymer concrete. The table can be left outdoors all year without the fear of damage. This table does not even need a cover for protection against the elements.


  • Permanent fixture – This outdoor Foosball table should be fixed on the ground for safety reasons. The ground attachments on the table help to secure it. The Foosball table needs its own space as it has to be a permanent fixture. It cannot be moved or stored away like the other outdoor Foosball tables.
  • Heavyweight – The table is a heavyweight weighing at nearly 750 pounds. It needs to carefully transport with heavy equipment before installation.
  • Installation – This Foosball table needs to be installed in a fixed place.
  • Requires Assembly – The table requires assembly as it does not come as ready to play. Having a friend to help out with the assembly saves time.
  • Difficult to buy – There aren’t a lot of sellers in the US since the table weighs 370kg and therefore not a lot is shipped to the states from Germany.

In this video, you can watch an unwrapping of a Maillith Foosball

Points to remember before buying your outdoor Foosball Table

Each outdoor Foosball table has different features, while some are heavy others are light and flexible. Each Foosball table manufacturer offers unique features on their tables. The materials used for manufacturing the tables also vary from one brand to another. While choosing a particular outdoor Foosball table, it is important to remember that the table should have features that meet your specific needs. Buying the most popular brand will not help to ensure its durability outdoors if it was not built to endure the climatic conditions of your region.

Here are a few points that you should keep in mind before making your selection.

  • Climate – The climatic conditions in your region play an important part in ensuring the durability of the Foosball table. Since the table will be used outdoors, it should be resistant to protect itself from the climatic elements specific in your region. The outdoor Foosball tables should be able to resist moisture, humidity, sun exposure, and wind damage.
  • Usage – The frequency of using the Foosball table should be taken into consideration before making the purchase. If the table will be used frequently then it is a good idea to spend more to ensure quality and durability. A good quality table will be able to resist wear and tear caused by regular usage.
  • Purpose – Generally Foosball tables are bought to provide entertainment during barbecues, pool parties or family gatherings. If the Foosball table is to be used for these purposes alone, then there is no need to invest in an expensive or professional Foosball table. For professional or tournament level of play, it is ideal to buy outdoor Foosball tables which have been manufactured according to the game regulations.
  • Transport ability – If you are planning to transport your Foosball table to different outdoor locations then you must look out for tables that feature foldable legs, lightweight and wheels. These features will help you to easily transport the Foosball table according to your preference. A Foosball table with foldable legs can be easily loaded onto your vehicle for transport.

Ideal Features for an Outdoor Foosball Table

The different features on the outdoor Foosball tables often make it difficult to choose a particular table that fits your needs. To avoid confusion it is important to look out for some crucial features that are a must for an outdoor Foosball table.

Features that a good outdoor Foosball table should have

  • Strong Body – An outdoor Foosball table should be sturdy and strong. If there are children around then they might try to climb the table or move it around. A strong, sturdy table will keep its balance and will not cause injuries.
  • Quality Materials – An outdoor Foosball table will face various weather elements. Heat, humidity, moisture, and dirt are some elements that cause damage. The materials used to make an outdoor Foosball table have to be of high quality to endure the elements. Rustproof metals, heat resistant plastic, and waterproof paints help to avoid damage.
  • Wheels – An outdoor Foosball table should have wheels on its legs. Moving the table around outdoors becomes easy with wheels. An outdoor Foosball table that does not have wheels needs carrying around.
  • Leg levelers – To play a fair game of Foosball, the ground needs to be even and smooth so that the table does not move. Uneven ground will make the table move or tilted to one side. This will create an unfair environment for the game. A Foosball table that has leg levelers can avoid this situation. The levelers will make the table steady and straight when placed on uneven ground. Levelers help in creating a fair playing Foosball playing surface.
  • Table cover – Outdoor Foosball tables need table covers to protect them against damage. The Foosball table should be covered when they are not being used. Table covers help in protecting the Foosball table from exposure.
  • Glass Top – The best way to protect an outdoor Foosball table is to have a glass top playing area. The glass will help the playing area to be dust and damage-free. It would also prevent the wind from interfering with the game.

Where to buy a good outdoor Foosball table

After deciding to buy a good outdoor Foosball table, you need to decide how you want to make the purchase. You can buy a good outdoor Foosball table that meets your requirements by going into a store or you can place your order online. Each buying option has its own merits and demerits.

Buying in the store

Shopping for a good outdoor Foosball table in a store is a good idea as you can physically check the Foosball table before buying it. However, there are some people who find shopping in stores a daunting task. Here are some merits and demerits you should consider before heading out to the store to buy your outdoor Foosball table.


  • Physical check – You can visit a store that has a good collection of Foosball tables and physically check out the sturdiness and quality of the table before buying it.
  • Product comparison – You can compare different Foosball table models, features and prices in real-time.
  • The best option – You can choose the best outdoor Foosball table from the available options and be assured of your purchase.


  • Tedious – Shopping in a store is a tedious task as you have to spend time and effort to make your purchase. If you do not like the options available in one store then you will have to go to another store to find the Foosball table that meets your needs.
  • Low stock – Some stores may not have the advertised items in stock. If you need a particular model that is out of stock, then you will need to wait for a couple of days to make your purchase.
  • Transport – All stores do not offer delivery of the outdoor Foosball tables. You might need to arrange your own transport to get the table to your home.

Buying online

Online shopping is now very popular as it allows the customer the ability to buy whatever they need from the comfort of their home. But there is a good chance of getting duped or receiving an inferior product while shopping online.


  • Comfort – You can buy the best outdoor Foosball table from the comfort of your own home. Online shopping reduces the physical stress of traveling to the store to make a purchase.
  • Wide range – You can choose from a wide range of outdoor Foosball tables that are available online by checking out different websites. You can make an easy comparison between all the available options and choose the one that best fits your needs.
  • Home delivery – Online shopping websites offer home delivery of your purchases. This means that you do not have to worry about arranging for a means of suitable transport to get your Foosball table home.
  • Best deal – Different websites run different promotions and offer similar/same products at competitive prices. It is easy to find a good bargain online for your Foosball table than getting one in a store.


  • Fake products – To avoid such bad experiences, it is always advisable to buy things from reputed online shopping websites like Amazon.
  • Inferior quality – You cannot physically check the quality of your Foosball table until it gets delivered. Some products might look good on the screen but they might not match your expectations in reality.
  • Extra charges – Some shopping websites charge extra for shipping and delivery. These charges often drive up the price of the Foosball table making it too expensive.
  • Delivery time – The delivery time varies from one website to another. If the delivery time is too long, then you might end up getting frustrated.

Best Foosball Tables For The Money Right Now (Updated for 2020)

Table of Content

Click on the table to unfold a table of content.

Criteria we look at when reviewing

Whether you’re looking for a foosball table for your basement, a bar, or other rec room setups, there are countless options available to you today.

In addition to one and three-goalie tables, you can choose from various price points, design features, and finishes as well. Some foosball tables also incorporate other games, such as 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 table/game options.

Although there isn’t a perfect foosball table on the market, there are several great products you can invest in, for home and commercial use.

Depending on the features which are most important to you, the design, quality, and the name-brands you’re looking for, you’ll quickly find dozens of excellent foosball tables for the price point you’ve set aside for the purchase.

In this guide, we want to help you find the best foosball table, which is tailored to your gaming style and matches your way of playing (competitive or for fun).

We’ll focus on several variables to help you find the best foosball table. Some things we’ll include in each review below includes

  • Ratings from owners (both positive and negative comments/remarks owners have made about the foosball tables)
  • The dimensions, material finishes, construction, and quality
  • The playing surface, the men (players), and how the grip handles are set up
  • Additional features including how many balls you’ll receive, whether it’s a professional-sized foosball table, who it’s for (beginner, amateur, pro, competitive, etc.), and other characteristics to help you ultimately find the best foosball table, for your gaming style.

Regardless of your budget, you have several choices when the time comes to invest in a new foosball table. Here we have compiled a list of the best foosball tables for you to consider when you are ready.

Best Beginner Foosball Tables

When shopping for the best foosball tables for beginners, affordability is something you’re probably looking for. Whether you’re brand new to the game, or simply want something that will allow you to get practice at home, for a tournament or other professional gameplay, there are several options to consider investing in. These are the best 1 and 3-goalie varieties for beginners.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

1-Goalie – Beginner Table

This Wooden Foosball Table from Best Choice is a good option. It features a 48-inch versatile gameplay table and player-friendly design. There are 8 rows, so 4 rows per team, in red and white uniforms. There’s also a cup holder on each end, so players can enjoy a beverage to keep them cool as competition heats up.

PROS: Some of the great features/pros this table incorporates include

  • It features ergonomic grip handles optimizing a comfortable grip for players to maintain full control during intense gameplay
  • It comes with two balls and a frictionless surface ensures smooth, even play throughout
  • Chrome-finished steel rods are similar to professional tables, at a much higher price point
  • A composite wood frame is durable and will withstand hours of play in an indoor environment
  • The foosball gameplay area is competition size, so beginners can amp up their game in preparation for tournaments and more competition later on

CONS: There are some drawbacks worth noting as well. Some issues customers noted include

  • Customers complained the table was missing a goalie box upon arrival
  • The table isn’t very easy to setup (expert assembly is more expensive than the table itself)
  • The composite wood isn’t the most durable frame

Ultimately, for the price point, and the fact that it’s an entry-level foosball table, it’s a great option for those who are new to the game and on a tight budget.

If You Want to Read the Amazon Reviews on this Table CLICK HERE!

3-Goalie – Beginner Table

The Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball table is a decent option for beginners in search of a 3-goalie table. You can play in the light or in a darkened gamed room with the builtin LED lighting throughout the sides and legs of the foosball table. Both goal boxes light up as well so players can concentrate on the game. This is a feature many kids really will enjoy. And this table is mainly made for kids in mind and not the experienced player.

PROS: Some excellent selling points include

  • An affordable price point for the 3-goalie table
  • The 47” X 27” playing field
  • Durable 15.8 mm steel playing rods are sturdy and won’t crack under pressure
  • Built-in electronic scoring automatically tallies up goals during gameplay
  • At nearly 35” tall, the table is suitable for young and older players alike
  • When a player scores, there are cool sound effects.

CONS: There are a few issues customers have discussed regarding this table which include

  • The table is a larger box, with several smaller boxes within it, detracting from the overall quality and appearance of play.
  • The table features sloped corners, so it does require somewhat of a learning curve in comparison to flat tables
  • This table is ok for kids, but not quality enough for experienced players.
  • The players are NOT counterbalanced.

The LED lights are a cool feature. The 3-goalie design does allow for added defense along the baseline as well. The table’s reasonably priced and features durable, sturdy construction.

If You Want to Read the Amazon Reviews on this Table CLICK HERE!

Best Foosball Tables for $100 to $300

For players who are on a tight budget, there are several great tables that fall below $300. Obviously, the quality might be subpar in comparison to a $1500 table. However, if you’re looking for a foosball table for everyday play, these are a couple of options to consider investing in.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

1-Goalie – Tables at $100 To $300

The Kick Glory 48” Foosball Table is an excellent entry-level 1-goalie foosball table for the price. It features a durable design, sturdy legs, and it quickly sets up in the garage or game room at home, with minimal effort in putting it together. Some great selling points include

  • Full-sized gameplay area of 48” X 24″”
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty covering the frame
  • An analog counter allows players to keep track of the score
  • It includes leg levelers to ensure a smooth, even playing surface
  • You receive two styles of soccer balls, and 11 red jersey and 11 blue jersey players are lined up for action

Some of the quality issues customers have noted with this table are

  • The simple design isn’t as well-made as another higher-end table/models
  • It’s not a full-size table, so if you aren’t looking for competition play it’s a reasonable alternative

For the price, you can’t really beat what you’re getting with this foosball table. It’s affordable, requires virtually no setup, and it’s a solidly built foosball table for the price point.

3-Goalie – Tables at $100 To $300

This Hathaway Playoff 4′ Foosball Table is a great product that falls well below the $300 price point. It features colorful graphics as well as a stadium full of fans, mimicking a life match. Realistic, ABS-molded players, also add to the allure of live gameplay and competition. You can easily distinguish your team as players are wearing either green or blue jerseys.

Some nice characteristics this table brings to life includes

  • A solid surface, with sleek steel rods
  • The playing surface is 40” in length by 22.75” in depth
  • You’ll receive a 180-day manufacturer’s warranty with your purchase
  • Quality engineered wood construction ensures the table won’t crumble or shatter under pressure
  • An analog counter allows you to easily keep score during live, fast-paced action

With these excellent selling points, some of the main complaints customers indicate are

  • The table isn’t the highest quality; stickers peel off quickly from the sides
  • The legs are a bit wobbly if you apply too much pressure onto the table during live action

These are some things to be expected for such a low priced product. However, the overall quality is pretty good for the regulation-sized foosball table.

Best Foosball Tables for $300 to $500

If you have a little more to spend, these are the best foosball tables priced at $500 and below. Whether you’re looking to amp up the competition, or just want a more sturdy, well-built table, consider these two options, depending on whether you prefer a 1 or 3-goalie setup.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

1-Goalie – Tables at $300 To $500

This T&R Sports 60” Foosball Table is a nice, sturdy product, for those looking for a single-goalie setup. With steel ball bearings, it features a smooth finish with multiple looks, and 15 mm chromium, solid steel rods, which are built to withstand heavy gameplay by players of all experience levels.

Some of the features which set this table apart are

  • The large playing surface is regulation-sized, so you can practice for competition and tournaments from your own home
  • It features cup holders so players can stay cool with their favorite beverage as competition heats up
  • Side ball droppers are solid chromium finish, similar to the playing rods
  • Players are easy to distinguish wearing yellow or white jerseys
  • Ergonomic grip handles allow you to maintain full control during fast-paced action, with rubber grips which are sweat-proof as competition ramps up

Some issues customers have complained of online are

  • The composite material isn’t as sturdy as it appears in the images
  • It requires quite some time to set up the table, and you will need more tools than what’s included with the table
  • Customers also complain that the screws don’t fit smoothly into their slots, so the table isn’t as sturdy as they’d like for this price point

It looks good, features nice detail work throughout, and it is regulation size. If you’re looking to improve your game for competition or tournaments, this table is reasonably priced for at-home use and practice. (

3-Goalie Tables at $300 To $500

The Rally & Roar Foosball Table is a standard 56” table. It’s a multiperson or player table, ideal for children and adults alike. You can set it up in-game rooms, pool halls, bars, or in a home rec room or commercial facility. The quality design requires little assembly. Some great aspects this table brings to the playing field are

  • A solid, well-built frame ideal for tournament or enjoyment/fun
  • It features a smooth turf and ergonomic grip handles, and a solid wood-bead scorer
  • The players are weighted, giving you optimal control of movements during live game action
  • 5/8” chrome, steel-plated rods are durable and won’t crack or dent under pressure
  • It features ramped edges for continual motion and leg levelers ensure the game surface is always balanced

Some of the drawbacks customers have noted are

  • Some players indicate the table isn’t as sturdy as it appears, and parts begin to pop off (easy to reattach), but not expected from this price point
  • Some customers also indicate it takes longer to put together than the instruction/manufacturer leads on

All in all, the foosball table is solidly built. The weighted players add a nice feel of realism, and the sturdy construction helps ensure a smooth surface and fast-paced action for beginners, amateurs, or more experienced players alike.

Best Foosball Tables for $500 to $800

As we increase the price points for the best foosball table, you can expect the quality and design to improve as well. If you’re within the $500 to $800 price range, there are several great foosball tables with one or three-goalie setups to consider. Depending on which features are most important to you, and the design you like best, these are a couple of tables to consider for the target price.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

1-Goalie Tables at $500 To $800

This foosball table, by Playcraft Milan, is a European-style table, which is solidly built, with a rugged exterior, yet features a refined and elegant look for your basement or game room. The durable side aprons are 1.4 inches thick, and tournament-style balls are balanced for sharper, faster scoring during quick competition and play. The counterbalance, robot-style men gives off a futuristic vibe with this foosball table as well. The red and black players are easy to differentiate, so you don’t make a mistake or wrong pass, as the competition gets heated.

Some excellent features players will love with this table include

  • The weighted men feature tournament-shaped feet, helping you get better angles and faster kicking speeds
  • The chrome-plated, telescopic steel rods are easy to control and feature an ergonomic grip design, so you remain cool and calm, as play speeds up
  • The men are factory molded, with additional internal support, giving a greater level of realism during play
  • Adjustable leg levers guarantee a smooth, even, level playing field, as the action gets faster
  • The smooth, slick playing surface, guarantees quick movement and avoids the ball getting jammed in corners/edges for players who like fast, seamless gaming

The primary complaint that customers indicate with this foosball table included

  • The colors aren’t as bright as they appear in the image/online
  • Some areas on the table do feature dead spots, so this can slow down gameplay a bit

Overall, this foosball table is solidly constructed, features realistic players, and weighted bearings, help improve the realism of gameplay. A smooth playing surface and reasonable price point round out some of the great features you’ll appreciate with this foosball table by Playcraft Milan.

3-Goalie Tables at $500 To $800

The Kick Triumph 55” Foosball Table is one of the best products out there for those who are looking for a 3-goalie setup in this price bracket. The sleek black finish with chrome molding, gives off the impression of the table is extremely high-priced, but it’s set at a reasonable price point. The elegant and simplistic design mimics that of a professional foosball table but is available for a fraction of the price. The counter-balanced men add realism to gameplay and give you more control of movements during fast-paced action on the field. The red and blue-uniformed players are easy to distinguish from one another, so you won’t get confused and pass to the wrong teammate during a game.

Some of the great features you’ll appreciate with the Kick Triumph table are

  • It comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’re covered if you have any issues or quality concerns with your foosball table
  • The 55” playing surface is regulation-sized, so you can practice as you ramp up your game for tournaments or to compete against better players
  • Smooth turf mimics a life soccer field, for more realism during live action
  • The levelers allow you to ensure an even, smooth playing surface
  • Wood-ergonomic grip handles also give you full control of your players as the action gets more intense during a match

Some of the possible detractions that players and customers have indicated regarding this foosball table included

  • It is terrible to assemble and the directions are extremely confusing
  • Pieces are mismarked which adds to the frustration of putting the foosball table together
  • The particleboard is a cheaper material you wouldn’t expect to see in a table at this price range

Overall, the solid construction, weighted players, and turf field make for a realistic game. The levelers, chrome accents, easily distinguished jerseys, and the lifetime warranty, are all major selling points for this 3-goalie foosball table.

Best Foosball Tables for $800 to $1200

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Those who are looking for professional-grade foosball tables, look no further! For a price point of $800 to $1200, you can expect excellent finishes, detail, and design features. When shopping for the best foosball table within this price bracket, consider these two options for 1 and for 3-goalie varieties available through Amazon.

1-Goalie – Tables at $800 To $1200

The Warrior Table Soccer Foosball Table with LED Enhanced Lighting is a great option for those searching for a 1-goalie table priced at below $1200. The counterbalanced foosball men with split bearings ensure smoother, faster movements during competitive play. The shot control is excellent, and the weighted, professional feet, allow you to take shots from any angle towards the goal, with a high level of accuracy. There are 11 players per side, wearing black or red jerseys, so there’s no confusion as to who your teammates are.

Some of the nice features you’ll appreciate with this 1-goalie foosball table include

  • The solid construction and improved ball return design (the ball is channeled to the center of the table without hoses)
  • The single-goalie design and table feature banked corners, for smoother, faster playing speeds
  • Assembled men on rods make the setup of your new table quick and easy and swivel foot levers make it easier to level the foosball table regardless of the surface you place it on
  • A rod guard system keeps players safe during fast-paced action; kids and adults are safer with the rod protections
  • The official tournament table is 200 pounds, ensuring a solid, well-built exterior and interior frame, ensuring you’re investing in a foosball table that will last for many years to come

The integrated LED enhanced table is excellent for playing in light or dark conditions. There are a few issues customers have complained of on Amazon including

  • Setup takes more than 25 minutes, which the manufacturer claims are all that’s required to put the foosball table together
  • One customer indicates the quality isn’t as good as expected for the price point paid

Overall, this foosball table has some of the highest ratings on Amazon. It’s reasonably priced, features enhanced rods, and protective barriers and the LED lighting is a nice added feature, for gameplay at any time of day or night. It’s great for kids and adults alike, and the table can be set up in a home, or in a commercial establishment for patrons to use. The lower-priced table that isn’t LED led is also a great option.

3-Goalie Tables at $800 To $1200

The Kick Titan 55” Tournament Foosball Table is a great option for those who are in the higher-end price range for a new foosball table. You can expect the very best in design, quality, and overall stability with this foosball table. Like other Kick Titan products, it also comes with an unlimited lifetime warranty. So, you know your table is covered in the event of damage, wear, or if you need to replace any parts, regardless of how many years you own it for.

Some great features players will appreciate include

  • The full-sized, professional tournament playing surface
  • The durable and elegant design, with black paint finish throughout
  • The uniformed, counterbalance men are easy to control
  • Ergonomic grip handles give you full control during live gameplay
  • There are slide-scoring mounts on either side of the table and sturdy, 5” leg levelers, with rubber bottoms

This table also offers the option of 1 or 3-goalie design, with the adjustment kit, if you want to utilize it for one goalie style tournament play. There are a couple of drawbacks players should realize prior to purchasing this table. The only major issue that players have indicated is the setup of the table. It does require some work and you will need a few tools to put it together. Other than this, it’s a well-built, solid foosball table for the price point.

If you are looking for quality, well-built, sturdy foosball tables, look no further than this one from Kick Titan. With the lifetime warranty, you also know you’re covered in the event of damage to any parts of your table. (

Best Foosball Table $1200 and Up

When we’re talking $1200 and up, we’re looking at the top edge of foosball tables. If you have the money to spend and are looking for the best foosball table for a bar, commercial facility, or for a game room, these are the best tables available for the money. That being said these tables are also in the range where people’s personal preferences and feelings matter in a lot.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

1-Goalie – Table $1200 And Up

The Garlando G500 Indoor Foosball Table is a great option at a price just under $1300. This table features telescopic steel rods and steel bearings, guaranteeing sturdy construction and high-end finishes throughout. You’ll also receive 10 standard foosball soccer balls with the table, so you never have to worry about losing a ball and waiting to order a replacement. A 1-inch thick, solid wood cabinet is treated with a melamine coating, for superior durability. The white sleek finish also stands out and apart from other foosball tables you can purchase.

Some of the excellent selling points customers will appreciate this foosball table include

  • The silver varnished polished legs not only look great but will withstand plenty of use and weight by players who are amateurs and professionals alike
  • The 56.3” L X 30” W is a professional, regulation-sized table, and the 167-pound table can withstand plenty of gameplay and use
  • The ultra-modern table features a laminated playing surface, with a plastic finish, for smooth, fast-paced gaming at all times
  • The rust-resistant telescopic rods, steel bearings, and men are meant to help increase the speed of play while minimizing stress on your wrists
  • The grips feature a wooden finish to help ensure a more ergonomic design and sweat-proof design; the bars are completely molded.

You’ll enjoy a two-year warranty with this foosball table as well. So, you know your investment is fully protected if there’s any damage, denting, or wear to the players or playing surface, over time. The only complaint that a reviewer mentions on Amazon is the fact that the plastic players look a bit cheap, for the high priced foosball table. However, the overall quality and design throughout, make up for this drawback.

If you’re an amateur or professional, or if you’re looking for a commercial-grade foosball table, this is a great option for a 1-goalie design. It is a higher-end model, with high-end finishes throughout. The warranty is a bit shorter than anticipated for the price, but otherwise, a great purchase for those who are looking for a professional table within this price range. I

3-Goalie – Table $1200 And Up

This Valley-Dynamo Tornado Classic Foosball Table features a 3-goalie design. The black and yellow players are easy to distinguish from one another, to minimize confusion when competing at a high level. Wooden grips at the end of the handles are ergonomic and sweat-proof, so your hands will remain dry, regardless of how intense the competition gets. A 1.5-inch thick cabinet, features a black laminate finish, that looks good, and is structurally sound as well.

Some of the great features you’ll appreciate with this table’s construction includes

  • The adjustable, commercial-grade foot levers help keep the playing surface level at all times
  • Natural solid wood handles won’t wear over time, regardless of how tight a player’s grip might be
  • A 3/4-inch laminate playing surface is smooth and features the 3-color Tornado logo at the center of the table
  • The foosball table is built in the US, so you know all parts are well-made and durable
  • You receive two pink, rod silicone professional foosballs with the table, and the single side ball-return gives off a professional feel to this regulation-sized table as well

One reviewer does note that the table is well-built. The only issue this reviewer indicates is that the rod chrome began to flake a bit, but this was approximately after two years of ownership and heavy use. Apart from this, the high-end table not only looks professional but feels professional. It’s a great investment for foosball players who want to practice for tournaments and competitive play.

Excellent design, professional-grade finishes, and a professional-sized table are all features this Tornado foosball table delivers. This is one of the best foosball tables for players who want high-quality, or for a commercial-grade foosball table, for use at home or in a commercial setting. (

The Best Foosball Table for Families

If you’re looking for the best foosball table that the entire family will have fun playing on, there are a few great options to choose from. You’re probably looking for more of an affordable price point, rather than professional-grade finishes, especially if you have kids (and their friends coming over often) who will play on the foosball table. Consider these two tables for your family’s enjoyment.

1-Goalie – Foosball Table For Families

This Carrom Signature Foosball Table is a great buy for the basement or game room in your home. It’s a bit on the higher-priced side, coming in at just under $1000, but it’s a table that is built to withstand heavy use. You’re going to love teaching the kids the rules and how to play, and you’ll also love competing with friends on the weekends when you set up your new foosball table at home.

Some of the great selling points customers will appreciate with this table are

  • The table features a 1-inch Morrocan wood finish cabinet, that’s built to withstand heavy use
  • It weighs about 160 pounds, and measures 50.3” L X 36” W, so it’s just a little smaller than competition-sized tables
  • It has 5/8′-inch chrome-plated hollow steel rods, and 8-sided hardwood handles for an ergonomic grip and control
  • The premium bearings help minimize stress on the wrists and improve the speed of play for a fast-paced gaming experience
  • There’s a wood-beaded scoring system on either side of the table, so you can easily keep score while playing against family or friends at home

The table is made in the USA as well, so all parts are fully warranted and covered when you invest in this great foosball table. The ball return is also a high-impact plastic finish, for durability and longevity. A couple of customers complained of manufacturing issues, and screws coming loose on the table shortly after purchase. And, a couple of customers also complained of the lack of instruction and guide-holes on the side of the tables for screwing the cross brackets into place. Apart from this, all reviews were fairly positive about this family foosball table.

It’s a bit higher in price than some other tables on the list. But, the high-end finishes, detail, and quality playing surface are some excellent selling points. This is a great foosball table for families with kids to enjoy competitive action at home.

3-Goalie – Foosball Table For Families

If you’re searching for a foosball table for your family with a 3-goalie design, the Kick Gemini 55” Foosball Table is a great investment. The finishes are elegant and durable, with counterbalanced men to mimic a more life-like feel while playing. The counterbalanced uniforms also help distinguish players on each team, with players wearing either red or blue uniforms on the field.

Some key characteristics customers have noted about this table which make it a great option for families include

  • The large dimensions are close to professional-sized tables at 55” L X 30” W
  • The table comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’re covered for as long as you own it
  • The sturdy, 5” leg levers allow you to adjust and level the table, for a smooth, even playing surface at all times
  • There’s a ramp kit which is included for this 3-goalie table, so you can adjust to 1-goalie design if you’d like as well
  • There are 8, 5/8-inch durable chrome-plated rods featuring an ergonomic grip design for full comfort and command during gameplay

You’ll also receive free rod lubricant with the purchase of this foosball table. And, customers also receive free, same-day shipping when they place their order through Amazon. This Kick foosball table is reasonably priced, at just under $600 as well for those who are looking for high-quality and affordability.

A couple of reviewers do comment on some drawbacks which include

  • There are plenty of dead spots on the table, which does reduce fast-paced gaming action
  • The balls tend to get stuck in the corners frequently, which also reduces the speed of play for more advanced players
  • The instructions are fairly easy to follow and setting up the table is fairly quick (under 2 hours) if you have the right power tools in place

Overall, the Kick table is a great investment for families. There are a couple of drawbacks which do detract from overall quality; however, this is to be expected from a table at this price point. But, it does come with the lifetime warranty, so you are covered if you have several issues or need to replace any part of the table after you purchase it.

The Best Folding Foosball Tables

For customers who are looking for a space-saving design, the best folding foosball tables afford you just that. You can open up the table when you’re ready to play. And, if you have limited space in the garage or basement, just fold it up for storage when you’re not using the table. These are a couple of tables to consider when choosing the best foosball table which folds away for storage.

1-Goalie – Folding Foosball Tables

The Kick Monarch 48” Folding Foosball Table is not only affordably priced, but it is also an Amazon top-rated foosball table as well. For under $300, you’re getting excellent quality, backed by one of the most recognized names in the industry. The table is available in both black and brown finishes, so you can choose the color you prefer, which goes well with the decor in your game room as well.

Some great features which set this table apart from other folding designs include

  • The durable and elegant finishes and roller wheels help make the folding table extremely easy to store away when it’s not in use
  • It’s 48” L X 24” W, which is close to regulation play/size
  • The Kick table also comes with a lifetime warranty, as do other foosball tables from this manufacturer
  • There are 8 solid, 1/2-inch stainless-steel chrome-plated rods with ultra-comfortable grip handles
  • You receive 2 Kick foosballs, and 13 red/13 blue-uniformed players, are easy to distinguish the home and away teams and limit miscommunication during gameplay

There are a few issues which customers have indicated reduce the gameplay and enjoyment on Amazon; some of the cons include

  • The parts aren’t labeled making the set up of your new table time consuming and difficult
  • You have to unscrew/screw the table in several spots to fold it away for storage, which is time-consuming
  • There are several dead spots which are common with other Kick tables as well

Overall, the quality is great for the price point. You have the lifetime warranty backing your purchase as well. Although the set up is tedious and it requires several steps to fold the table away for storage, the overall quality and affordability, backed by the Kick name, make this a great investment if you’re searching for a folding foosball table.

3-Goalie – Folding Foosball Tables

The Kick Majesty 55” Folding Foosball Table is a top-rated foosball table on Amazon, for those who are looking for a 3-goalie setup. It is larger than the 48” Monarch table and does come in at a higher price point as well. For the price, you’ll receive this excellent quality finish and design which is available in both black and brown finishes for your basement or game room at home.

Some excellent selling points players will appreciate which make this one of the best foosball tables include

  • Easily distinguished red and blue (home/away) players
  • Comfortable grip handles with a wood-finish, which is sweat-proof to keep your hands dry as competition ramps up
  • The 55” L X 30” W design is similar to regulation-sized tables
  • It features four-foot levers which are adjustable, and two rolling wheels to help you store it away and fold when the table’s not in use
  • There’s a beaded goal-keeping/scoring tracker on either side of the table, so players know where they stand as the game gets more intense

This table also comes with the lifetime warranty which is common with all Kick-brand tables, so you’re covered if you aren’t happy with the quality or have any issues with your new foosball table. The full-sized foosball table is also heavier than its smaller, Monarch counterpart, so it’s sturdier and will withstand heavy gameplay and use. A couple of the drawbacks which customers have commented on Amazon include

  • It is time-consuming and requires the use of power tools to set up your new table
  • It’s not evenly weighted and does require removal of screws to fold the table away for storage

These were the two primary cons that customers noted. They did, however, indicate that the company is excellent (customer service) and replies to issues quickly, so you can resolve these problems if you need assistance with your new regulation-sized foosball table. Overall, the sturdy construction, design, and quality finishes make this a great buy, even with the minor issues customers indicated through their reviews on Amazon.

Best Foosball Table for Outdoor Settings

Do you plan on playing foosball tournaments outside? If so, the best outdoor foosball tables are not only weatherproof but are also going to guarantee smooth playing surfaces, regardless of what the outdoor weather extremes might bring. If you are looking for quality, for outdoor play, these are a couple of tables to consider.

1-Goalie For Outdoor Settings

The Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table is a great option if you’re looking for a 1-goalie design. This table is completely weatherproof, so it can easily withstand all of the elements you put it up against outside. A high-speed glass playing field won’t get muggy if it’s wet out or if it becomes humid as a turf surface might. The nylon bushings also allow for smooth, high-speed action, and limit the amount of wear and tear on the players, no matter how extreme the weather is outside.

Some excellent selling points these outdoor/indoor table features are

  • The high-quality laminate and resin finishes won’t chip, crack, or wear down in rain or extreme sunlight
  • A durable cabinet along with side and corner ramps ensures the ball always remains in the field of play
  • The high-stress resistant steel rods are telescopic, and they’re rust-resistant, guaranteeing the ultimate in weatherproofing and sturdiness
  • The players are unbreakable and molded onto the rods, so they won’t loosen nor will screws come undone after intense gameplay
  • You’ll receive a cover, five balls, leg levelers, and a glass, level playing surface; the table is also regulation-sized, so you can practice for competition or professional play with this weatherproof table

Apart from the higher price point, there are a couple of additional drawbacks that some customers have indicated regarding this indoor/outdoor foosball table. These issues include

  • The goalie doesn’t revolve a full 360-degrees to stop goals or defend.
  • There are a few dead spots here and there, but it doesn’t really detract from gameplay and live-action.

Overall, the table is well-built, features a solid glass construction, and is 100% weatherproof. It is costly, but you’d expect this from a table with these material finishes, and one which can be used in any conditions.

1- Goalie For Outdoor Settings – Runner up

The Garlando G-500 Indoor/Outdoor Weatherproof Foosball Table is a great option if you’re looking for solid construction, set up for live, fast-paced gaming action. The chromium-plated exterior isn’t going to rust or get damaged when you set it up outdoors. Molded rods and Marine plywood cabinets are extremely sturdy and can withstand all weather extremes you put this foosball table up against. Telescopic rods have the players permanently attached to them, meaning they won’t come apart, nor will screws start to come undone, as you are playing fast-paced games and professional tournament action on this weatherproof foosball table.

Some of the best design features you’ll appreciate when you invest in this 3-goalie foosball table includes

  • The exterior coating of all surfaces are 100% weather and waterproof and coated with washable materials for easy cleaning
  • Waterproof glue is used to ensure the players and table is well-sealed
  • The 4”, heavy-duty, nylon leg levers add stability, and ensure a smooth playing surface
  • All hardware features tropical, anti-rust treatment; it features a Marine plywood playing field and comes with a plastic laminate, heavy-duty cover, to protect the foosball table when not in use
  • It includes a heavy-duty vinyl liner as well

This table is solidly constructed and features all 100% weather and waterproof coatings throughout. It’s fully sealed so the players won’t get damaged, nor will any paint or surfaces begin to fade when you place the foosball table outside. Of the concerns players have indicated regarding the table’s quality are

  • A couple of customers indicate there were blemishes to the table upon ordering/arrival
  • It takes some time to put together (45 minutes to 1-hour with a couple of people setting it up)
  • The table is expensive, costing close to $1400 on Amazon

If you’re looking for a 3-goalie foosball table you can set up outdoors, this is a great option to consider. It is quite expensive, but the overall design, quality, and weatherproof playing surfaces, sides, and players make it a worthwhile investment if you plan on utilizing the foosball table regularly for tournaments or for enjoyment with family and friends.


Honestly, I have looked and currently, I haven’t found a great outdoor 3-man goalie table that I would recomend. But if you have one then, please let us know.

2020 Foosball Table Release

The Warrior Table Soccer Pro 2020 Table is one of the latest announced revised foosball tables to be announced for the upcoming year. The large 56” table is regulation size, making it one of the best foosball tables for those who are looking for high-end, high-quality materials, and competitive field play. It is 56”, features a black wood exterior finish, and players are wearing black and red jerseys, so you can easily distinguish who’s on your team. Integrated leg levelers also help enhance the playing surface, so there aren’t any deviations in the angle/direction of the field, as the competition ramps up in the basement, in a game or rec room, or at a local sports bar/pub, where the competition’s taking form.

Some of the primary design features you’ll appreciate with this 2020 Warrior Release include

  • The balanced foosball men with split bearings allow for faster, more accurate shots at goal
  • You have excellent ball control with the weighted players and ergonomic grip handles
  • An improved pro-style return ball system also helps enhance gameplay and speed of play after goals
  • Assembled men on rods make it easier to put the table together upon arrival
  • It’s recognized by USTSF and ISTF for professional, regulation-play; weighing in at 200 pounds, the table is solidly constructed

You’ll also receive two Warrior yellow, tournament soccer balls, which are easy to see in light and dark playing conditions.

There are some drawbacks worth noting, as is the case with previous tables we’ve reviewed. First off, players indicate that the ball return system isn’t as smooth/seamless as the manufacturer claims it to be. Another reviewer complains the table was missing parts, and that the plastic tubes for the ball return were too small for this table’s design.

Ultimately, this new 2020 model, does offer nice design, features, and a sturdy, high-end material base. With this being said, it isn’t the perfect foosball table either. For the price, it is a great buy for those who are more competitive and want a table that’s recognized by professional foosball associations.

What’s the Best Table for you?

As you can see, when shopping for the best foosball table, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of purchase. There are several factors you’ll have to consider before you choose which table is the best for your personal needs. A few of the primary aspects you should consider when choosing a new foosball table include

  • Overall quality/design and structural stability
  • Whether it’s regulation-sized or not (if you’re shopping for a commercial table, you’ll want a larger table)
  • What accessories do you receive (spare balls, bearings, finishes, etc.)
  • What kind of bearings, rods, and handles the table features
  • Whether it’s rated for indoor/outdoor use (if you plan on placing the table outside)

Obviously, you’re also going to consider the price, brand-name of the foosball table, and ratings (Amazon as well as other review sites) to help guide you in your purchase decision. So, what are the best foosball tables for you? These are our top-three picks.

Best Affordable Foosball Table on the Market

Our top-pick for affordability is the Atomic Azure LED Light Up Foosball table. It features nice light-up LED lighting, so you can play in light or dark conditions. The table’s construction and stability are sturdy, and both goal boxes light up, so you can easily find the goal when playing a fast-paced, intense competition. The 15.8 mm steel rods are durable, and the bearings are sturdy which guarantees your foosball table won’t crack under pressure. It isn’t a full-sized regulation table, but is close, at 47” L X27” W.

A couple of drawbacks do include the small boxes, inside of the larger outer box, which distracts from the overall playing surface. And, there are a few dead spots here and there, but this is to be expected with a foosball table priced at this entry-level cost. Overall, it’s solidly built, features easy to distinguish colors, a smooth playing surface, and the nice LED lighting adds a bit of excitement to games.

Best All-Around Table for Everyday Use and Indoor/Outdoor Use

If you’re looking for an excellent table you can use for indoor or outdoor use, commercial or residential play, and for competitive or entertainment, the Kettler Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor Foosball Table is our pick. The smooth, glass playing surface, is high-end, and won’t crack or get damaged easily. The table features weatherproof exteriors and rust-resistant finishes throughout. The high-speed surface doesn’t slow down if you’re playing in wet or muggy conditions. It does feature a 1-goalie set up, so it’s also going to rev up the competition and increase the speed of play for more competitive players as well.

The table is expensive, at over $1000, but high-end construction, finishes, and materials are well worth the price you’re paying. The table also features leg levelers, and you receive 5 playing balls, so you’ll never run out or have to look for a spare if the games get highly competitive. The table is regulation-sized as well, so you can set it up in a commercial establishment, or use it for competitive action as well.

The Best Overall Quality/Construction

If you’re looking for the latest, best table available, the Warrior Table Soccer Pro 2020 Table is it. This table is ready for 2020, and features nice improvements to the previous model. The 56-inch regulation-sized table, features integrated leg levelers, and split bearing design, helps increase the accuracy of shots at goal. The ergonomic grip handles give players full control during fast-paced gaming, and the table weighs in at about 200 pounds, so it’s sturdy and structurally sound, for both recreational (residential) and for commercial use.

It’s also USTSF and ISTF rated, so you know you’re getting the best design, construction, and quality. You receive yellow tournament balls as well. The table is affordably priced at around $700 on Amazon, so this is a great price for the newest model available. If you’re looking for precision, quality, and professional design, you’ll get it with this Warrior regulation-sized foosball table.

Ready to play?

These are a few of the best options available today if you’re looking to invest in a new foosball table. As you can see, we’ve highlighted great options for families with kids, affordable tables, as well as regulation-sized, and high-end models, at prices of $1200 and higher. We have compared 1 and 3-goalie designs and discussed the best features of each table, as well as a few drawbacks which customers have indicated.

No matter what you’re looking for when the time comes to invest in a new foosball table, you obviously want the best quality, construction, and enjoyability, for the price/budget you can afford when you’re ready to buy your new table. Consider these top-rated foosball tables when you’re shopping for the best. Whether it’s for commercial or for residential use, these are our top picks for the best foosball tables, as 2020 approaches.

Don’t limit your style of play, competitive nature, or the features you’re looking for when shopping for a new foosball table. The options and availability are endless. Get ready for fast-paced, intense action, with any of these great foosball tables!

The Best Tabletop Foosball Tables – (Updated for 2020)

If you’re looking for a tabletop foosball or mini foosball table, you are interested in choosing the best tabletop foosball table available. To achieve this objective, you’ll want to know what to look for when shopping for a mini foosball table.

It’s also important that you consider the most important features for your mini table to consist of. This will help improve your enjoyment and overall gameplay, regardless of how old the players competing on this mini tabletop game are.

In this piece, we’ll include a buyer’s guide. Here we’ll focus on the most important aspects you should consider when shopping for your foosball table. It will help you understand what you should look for when shopping for your table.

We’ll also compare the top 5 mini or tabletop options available for you to consider purchasing. These mini foosball tables are available on Amazon. You can find a great deal and we’ll also include customer reviews/ratings, to give you a better idea of what you can expect if you choose one of these tables to purchase.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

The Best Tabletop Foosball Tables

It doesn’t matter what your experience level is, there are several great foosball tables you will find available online today. Some are pricier than others. However, you do not have to spend too much to find the best tabletop foosball table for your playing needs. Let’s consider these five tables when you’re looking for a great fit for your basement or rec room.

Portzon Foosball Table Mini

This mini foosball table features fiberboard (medium-density) and ABS material finishes throughout. You can expect a tabletop that’s well-built and durable. The material quality is pretty good for the price you’re paying for this table. What’s great about the lightweight model is that you can play anywhere that you have a tabletop. Desks, the dining room table, the office, or a rec room. It’s compact and easy to transport.


This mini foosball table is detachable. You can play anywhere, and just reattach it to the box when you’re ready to go. It features rods with stainless-steel finishes, that isn’t going to bend or dent easily. Ergonomic grip handles also make the player maneuverability and control a little easier on players who get intense during a match. Anti-collision buttons also prevent you from getting stuck or jammed in corners during high-speed action.

Pros & Cons

The Pros Include

  1. The tabletop is great for families or intense competition with friends, you can play with up to four players comfortably
  2. The high-density fiberboard is mold-proof
  3. The ball, players, and scoring system are made of ABS materials
  4. The table is structurally sound and sturdy, so it won’t crack easily if you apply a little pressure on top of it
  5. You can play with the table’s legs assembled, or keep them off, for flat surface play

The Cons

  1. Customers have commented that setup/putting the table together is time-consuming
  2. Concerns with quality/integrity are also indicated by a couple of reviews on Amazon
  3. The table is compact, so playing with more than two people at once might be difficult

Hey! Play Tabletop Foosball Table

If you’re looking for affordability this is a great table at under $15. The players spin 360 degrees meaning you have a full range of motion during gameplay.

The space-saving design is easy to transport and carry around with you anywhere. The table is perfect for players of all ages. It’s compact so the kids can easily maneuver their players when they’re learning to play the game.


You’ll receive two balls, the scoring system, and there’s a side, easy ball return setup after goals are scored. The table is about 20 inches long, so it’s best for one-on-one action; however, younger players might squeeze in two-versus-two. This table is lightweight and weighs under 5 pounds. This means you can easily transport it to any room of the home for family enjoyment on game night.

Pros & Cons

The Pros Include

  1. The compact size allows any young player to learn the game
  2. The price is lower than most other tables
  3. Players/teams are color-coordinated
  4. There are ergonomic, rubber grip handles
  5. You receive two balls and scoring system, which you wouldn’t expect for a table at such a low price point

The Cons Include

  1. The choking hazard; this isn’t intended for kids who are younger than 3 years of age, so parents should be careful if you have young kids at home
  2. A few reviewers indicate the materials are cheap and it’s not well-constructed
  3. Parts are fragile so you have to be careful during assembly and play

T&S Tabletop Foosball

If you want to spend a little more money, you will get a little better quality with this foosball table. It’s just shy of $60 on Amazon, so it’s still much cheaper than traditional tables; however, it is more than other tables we’re comparing.

3-Goalie Design

This table features three goalkeeper design. It’s 27 inches in length, so it’s almost 1.5 times as long as the other tables we have compared above. Your goalkeeper is color-coordinated, so you know which players you’re working with if you get caught up in intensive gameplay.


The 27-inch long table features four attachable legs, a sliding scorecard, and players have distinctive features. Since the table is a little longer, it’s easy to accommodate up to four players at once; and, you have three ergonomic grip rods for controlling your team. The wood construction is stronger than other composite materials, and it won’t warp as other materials will. The small size makes it easy to store away the table when you’re not playing.

Pros & Cons

The Pros Include

  1. The material is sturdier than composite or fiberboard materials used in the other tables we’ve reviewed
  2. This table has ergonomic rods, grip handles, and a 3-goalie design
  3. The 27-inch size is greater than the 20-inch tables reviewed, so you can accommodate more people during games
  4. Your foosball table comes with the scorekeeping system
  5. Construction/setting up the foosball table won’t take too long

The Cons Include

  1. It’s not intended for adult players; although adults can play on the table, it’s best suited for kids
  2. Some reviewers suggest there are issues with spacing or misalignment after everything’s assembled
  3. In some reviews, customers also stated that they were missing parts so couldn’t put the table together properly

Squad Sport FX40 Table

This compact game is perfect for tabletops, basements, or setting up outdoors during a bbq or family gathering.

It comes with two foosballs, and the players are already assembled. They’re set up on the rods so you do not have to do much work to put the foosball table together upon arrival.


This mini tabletop game is 40 inches in length. It’s about 20 inches tall and 8 inches wide; the weight of the table is just shy of 15 pounds If you’re looking for a compact, without compromising on the length/play area, this is a great portable foosball table to consider purchasing The rods have a chrome-plating covering the exterior. They also feature rubber-grip ergonomic handles. This allows you to grip tightly onto the rod for faster shots and greater spin action during play.

Players & Design

The players are color-coordinated You have a red versus blue team, so there’s no confusing who’s on what team. The net/goal is also realistic, it has the net backing, so it looks like a traditional soccer goal net. The table also has two goal boxes, with a goal return for each. The base has rubber pads below the table. This helps prevent marking or other damage to the surfaces you place the foosball table onto when you’re playing in different locations.

Pros & Cons

The Pros Include

  1. The lifelike appearance of the game is great for the true soccer fan out there
  2. The larger size allows you to get into the action and move around while controlling your foosball players
  3. This table’s 3-goalie design gives you greater flexibility and control while defending your goal
  4. You receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee with your purchase and can return the table for a refund if you’re not happy with it
  5. The 3.75-inch player height is also weightier, so you have more control than you do with other foosball tables and rods that are compact/mini

The Cons Include

  1. The colors are laminated finishes; this can wear and peel easily if you aren’t careful with the table
  2. The support beams can split/crack if you aren’t careful or apply too much pressure onto the table
  3. Some customers stated that the pads on the base come off easily, and the legs become loose after playing several games on the table

Mainstreets Classics by GLD

A final table we’ll compare in this list of the best tabletop foosball tables is the Mainstreet Classics.

This is the most expensive tables. So what sets it apart from other tables we’ve reviewed? There are a few things but are they worth the extra cost?

1 or 3 Goalie design

This foosball table has a 1-goalie design, in comparison to the 3-goalie design we’ve featured in the other tables reviewed. If you want full control and manipulation of your goalkeeper, you have it with this design. Your defenders can help block the goal and protect your team from being scored on. The ergonomic grip handlebars also afford you the perfect range of motion and 360-degree spin capabilities, for more intense action during play.

Material Finish & design

The table includes two foosballs, and sliding scoring mechanism, so you can keep track of how many goals you score on your opponent. There are a total of six rows of players, including the 1-goalie design we highlight in the previous heading. The table is 36 inches long, so it’s a bit smaller than the Squad Sports table, however, it’s elevated a little higher as well. It also has enough room for you to play two versus two, or play one-on-one depending on how many people want to enjoy the competition. There are also levelers at the base of the table, so you can make sure the playing surface is always even, no matter where you place the mini foosball table during play. This table weighs 22 pounds, so it is solid and sturdier than the other tables we’ve covered. There’s a ball return on both goals as well.

Pros & Cons

The Pros Include

  1. A large playing surface can accommodate up to four players at a time
  2. The levelers at the base of the legs allow you to adjust the table to the perfect height/even surface for competition
  3. The 1-goalie design adds another level of challenging competition for players
  4. It’s fairly easy to assemble
  5. The quality seems to hold up well and it’s relatively sturdy, in comparison to the other materials/tables we’ve covered

The Cons Include

  1. The price; this is the most expensive of the mini foosball tables we’ve covered
  2. Some reviewers indicate they received the wrong parts for assembly (two blue goalies instead of one red and blue)
  3. The legs/material peel and some customers have concerns regarding structural integrity; you have to apply force to install the screws, and this causes the wood/material to crack.

What to Consider: Choosing the Right Mini/Tabletop Foosball Table

You can’t pick just any table when you’re buying a mini foosball table. You need to know what features/characteristics to look for. Here we’ll cover some important aspects you should consider when buying your new mini foosball table.


Most people would believe that you can’t expect great durability or design with a mini foosball table. This isn’t the case! Yes, you are going to find cheaply made products. And, you’re going to find tables that will break easily or peel/chip, and have weak parts. However, you’ll pay a lower price for these tables. If you pay $15 to $30, don’t expect a table that’s going to last for 10 years, you’re not going to get it! If, on the other hand, you spend $50 or more, you can expect reasonable quality and durability.

Look for things like:

  • Wood versus composite (try to go with solid wood if you can find it)
  • Grip handles, look for rubber grips as this helps prevent moisture
  • Mold-proof design
  • Sturdy legs

Reading reviews online is usually a great way to learn more about what you can expect from the mini foosball table. You can’t always rely on what the manufacturer tells you, but you can trust online reviewers. So, find out about material quality, structure, and durability, before you select the table you’ll purchase.

Are there Safety Concerns (Young Kids)

If you have young kids, there’s always the safety risks, choking hazards, and other dangers you need to think about. Many tables will indicate on the label/box the age range. So, make sure you know what age group the foosball table is meant for. You don’t want young kids around the small foosball, or around mini parts, they can take off the table easily.

As a parent, you need to be mindful that the mini table, means you’re getting compact components. They are smaller than a traditional foosball table. So be careful, know where your kids are, and read the warning labels and instructions, so that you make the best purchase decision if you have younger kids in your household.

Handles, Grip, Ergonomic Design

You want to maintain control of your players during a foosball game. Therefore, grips and handlebars have to be easy to maneuver. When you’re buying a mini foosball table, look for those with full 360-degree rotation. Rubber grips or pads are nice to have as well.

The reason is that this helps prevent sweat and condensation while you play. You’ll have more control over your players because of this. The rubber grips are also waterproof. So, the table isn’t going to develop/form mold over the exterior surfaces with this finish.

Comfort and control are imperative for you to outshine your competitor on the foosball field. When you’re selecting a table keep this in mind. Make sure you test out the grips and choose something that fits comfortably in your hand.

The Playing Field

The word “Mini” is indicative that the table is smaller than a full-size foosball table. You don’t have to buy something so compact, however, that you can’t see the field of play. When you’re looking for a tabletop foosball table, make sure you know the dimensions before purchasing it.

You need to consider the length of the playing field. Anything 20 to 24 inches or longer, is a good size. If you can find something closer to 40 inches that you can afford, that’s even better.

The width of the table should measure between 8 to 20 inches. Remember, it’s compact and you’re playing on a smaller surface. But, if it is too small, you’ll barely have room to roam or move the foosball around when competing.

The height of the table should be 5 inches or taller. Some tables also include optional legs, so this can help bring the playing surface up a little higher if you’d like as well. Depending on the height of the players who will compete in the action, the height might not be as important as width and length.

If you’re buying the table for young kids, they can even play seated on the floor, so height isn’t really important. If you’re looking for a tabletop foosball table for the entire family, make sure you consider the height, so that adults and taller players, will feel comfortable while playing the game with their kids.

Player Configuration

When we refer to player configuration, we’re referring to the location of the players, and the color of the players. You don’t want to buy a table that has both teams wearing the same color jersey. Nor do you want a table that doesn’t differentiate your goalie from the rest of your squad.

So, make sure you find a mini foosball table that has color differentiation between the teams. Especially if you’re playing two versus two; you don’t want your teammate to confuse who’s on their team, do you? You’ll want to choose a table that makes it easy to figure out which player is on your team, and which players are on the other team.

Regarding the configuration, you also need a well-balanced table. If the player rows/rods are too close to one another, how are you going to guide your team? You can’t! Make sure there are at least a couple of inches between each row of players. Misalignment issues are common with smaller playing surfaces. Therefore, you should compare several tabletop foosball tables before you buy one, to avoid this problem when you bring it home.

1 or 3 Goalie Play

This design/feature is more of a personal preference for most players. Depending on the style of play you prefer, some tabletops have either 1-goalie or 3-goalie configuration. For novice and beginners, the 3-goalie design might be a better choice. Especially for younger kids; it gives you better balance, more control, and makes it a little easier to defend the goal. If you’re buying a table for teens or adults, the 1-goalie format is a good option. You can free up your hand and focus on playing on the field until the opposing team is approaching your goal where you’ll have better control to defend with your goalkeeper and the final row of defensive players.

Again, the configuration is something you’ll want to consider, based upon who will be playing foosball on the table. And, depending on the length of the table, if you’re playing two versus two, you might prefer a 3-goalie table, so both teammates have control of the defensive technique. Look at both options, look at the configuration, and see how the design feels for you. Every customer will have different preferences, so the design and number of goalies you choose, is more of a personal decision, as opposed to being a quality/structural concern you need to consider when buying your tabletop foosball table.

The Price

We can’t forget the price! Many people choose a tabletop foosball table because they don’t have the space for a full-sized table. But, there are many (most people) who choose a tabletop variety, because they are more affordable.

If you’re one of those customers who don’t have much money to spend, the price is something you’ll need to weigh when you’re selecting a new table as well. It’s important to consider the value, not just the price. For example, if there’s a $15 difference between two tables, but one has solid-wood finishes, rubber grips, and the table’s length is double the size of the inferior table, you might want to spend a little more and spring for the higher-priced model.

You don’t want the table to break apart the minute you put it together. So, make sure you compare prices, but also consider reviews (ratings), quality, and configuration. Value and price should be weighed equally when you’re comparing the right foosball table for you to invest in.

Our Picks for the Best Tabletop Foosball Tables: Overall, Affordable or Budget

Overall Best:

When you’re ready to choose your tabletop foosball table, which is the right option for you? If you want the best table overall, the Mainstreets Classics is the winner. You get what you pay for; this is the most expensive table, so expect the best quality. It’s the only 1-goalie table on the list, it’s maneuverable, and it’s the second-longest table we covered. If you insist on having 3 goalies then look at Squad Sport FX40 Table it is the next best thing and it has 3 goalies.

The players are well-built, the table weighs about 22 pounds, and the finishes are structurally intact. Some reviewers indicate problems with quality, however, at the mini tabletop size, you’re going to have structural issues with any table you purchase.

Best Budget

For the budget shopper, the Hey Play foosball table is a steal. It’s compact and is ideal for younger players. The quality isn’t the best, but for new players or those who are just learning the game, you can’t go wrong with this table. It’s pretty easy to assemble, compact, and you can play on any surface. It has scorekeepers, a 3-goalie design, and players are color-coordinated. For the price, you shouldn’t expect anything spectacular, but it’s playable for young kids who want to have fun in the family room and compete in their favorite game.

Best Affordable

For the best affordable prices table we recommend the Squad Sport FX40 Table. The overall quality and price just make it a great choice. That and if you want to have a 3 goalie setup then this is clearly the best option for you.


Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

The Ultimate Solo Foosball Practice Drill: How to Play Like a Pro by Practicing Solo?

Foosball is a game of hand-eye coordination and predicting the movement of the opponent. Every skill used in the match is practiced solo for perfection.

Foosball Practice is when you get to work on improving your overall game. Whether it is hitting shots, passing, catching, pinning, or scoring goals, all results from ultimate solo foosball practice drill. This article contains everything you need to know about Foosball Practice and tricks.

It’s a treat to watch champions like Tony Spredeman, Billy Pappas or Ryan More play. But the amazing skills they show in the match are the results of hours and hours of practice. Every single perfect shot they play has hours of intense effort.

This is an article inspired by the champions.

How to Begin your Practice?

There are a few things to remember as you begin practicing. Practicing isn’t the same as a match. It is a slow process. Don’t practice if you don’t have much time.

Practice when you can afford a reasonable amount of time. It could be anywhere from half an hour to a few hours. And, if you are too involved, you can go on all day. This is entirely up to you.

Don’t try to club everything on a single day of practice. Many beginners make the mistake of piling in all- shots, defense, and passing- on a single round. In spite of the desire to be a pro in quick time, it’s important to take one step at a time.

Foosball Practice, like every other game, is repeating the same thing again and again till one can feel the confidence in the vein. And, on a philosophical note, you need to be extremely honest while practicing.

Every single shot that is played by pro comes from this honest. Have you seen Tony play the rollover speed at an exceptional speed? It looks super cool, but that’s years of practice. A match is just a place where you display all the skills you have learned in your backyard.

You will fail hundreds of time, but when you learn, you will get more out of Foosball than you can imagine.

Foosball championship match: 

How to Practice Defense?

Most beginners and amateurs focus a lot of striking towards the goal. It is not the correct strategy. With a bad defense, you might not get too many shots at the goal.

The defense is about blocking, passing, and making the game for the strikers. The defense and goalie road should be practiced as much as the mid-field and striker rods.

One of the practices is moving the two defense rods. You don’t need a ball for this practice. While the ball owns the opposition, you have to be literally on your toes.

This might not be the most exciting form of practice, but exceptionally useful. You can’t let it easy for the other team to score. The defense is assuring that you have a chance at winning.

To practice, just move the rods at different positions and angle, with the motive of reducing the gaps. The purpose of defense is to protect the goal. Place one-row players between the players from the other row.

While moving, you might observe that the two rods can start moving with different speeds and continuously exposed your gaps. The main idea is to plug any gap as the two rods are moved back and forth.

A good opposition won’t give many chances. One gap and it will be exploited. Moving the rods is a passive practice but prepares well for further skills we discuss below.

Move the rods in both directions and at different tilt angle till you get an intuitive sense of benefits of each position. Foosball practice tips are not to copy great players but to be inspired by them and developing your skills.

And, for all the practice mentioned here, do make a video. Videos you can play later in slow motion and fix your movements.

How to Practice Offense?

Foosball offense is what you do with the 5-rod midfield and 3-rod striker. If you had seen the foosball finals of Tony Spredeman and the seven-year-old (the link is given below), Tony is on the offense and gives the defense to 7 years old. There is much to learn from this video.

The offense is your turn to score goals. But offense isn’t only about scoring goal. The goal is the final result you want. Offense is the process.

To practice, the offense you have to learn to pass across rods and with rods. You also have to practice pinning and shooting. The offense is a combination of many skills. The way to practice each has been discussed in details below.

The idea is to divide the practice into defense and offense. Some days you can work on defense skills while some days could be reserved for the offense. This is not an option. Perfection is required for both to move to advance level.

While practicing offense, passing between every player on the 5-player rod and 3-player rod is done. Speed isn’t the primary criterion at the beginning. Initially, it is about controlling the movement of the ball on the table.

Keep practicing just moving the ball with players and passing. This is practiced until you receive positive feedback. It means you know the ball is going exactly where you want it to go.

How to Score Goals?

Every new foosball player wants to score the five goals in no time. The goals, as we mentioned above, is the result. But, this end can result from all the positions.

Goals are the result of two factors- precision and speed. It also depends on how well you understand the opposition. Dodging, circling, passing, and shooting. All these skills come together to give a player the final satisfying goal.

There is the player who regularly scores from the defense, while there are others who prefer making the game. Scoring from defense looks exciting and cool, but good players wouldn’t leave so many gaps to be exploited.

To score goals, practice every passing technique, and shooting tips given here. If your practice all with honesty and integrity, it is guaranteed to take you to a pro-level.

How to Practice Pull Shots?

You could call it a beginners shot. It overlaps with the natural movement of players. The ball is pulled and then flicked towards the goal or other bars.

There are a few elements that are central to practicing pull shots. First, it is the placement of balls, and the second is the placement of the player, and the third is the impact.

To begin practicing pull shots, just place the ball just behind the bar and bring the player around the ball and hit it with a snap of the wrist. The practices might sound amateurish for a few of you, but practice means going back to basics. Even the champions work on their basics.

It’s not about raised adrenaline levels but about meticulously working on fixing the skills by twisting and nudging.

While you are practicing, focus on making a full-fledged contact. Remember the rule that will apply to every practice tip here. Control comes first, and speed comes later.

Also, while practicing what happens if the ball is placed in front of the rod, or too much behind. All these will give you an intuitive sense of why the above position is recommended. Once you feel good about the impact on the ball, you bring other variables.

Next, is tic-tac pass and shoot. Bypassing, the effort is to get the ball exactly at the same position in mind, where you had the best impact on the ball. Remember the rule of the dead ball. Ultimately, all these preparations are about the game.

After practicing pull shot with passing, finally, you work on speed. The shots would be of no impact without the speed to pierce through the opposition’s defense. Gradually increase the speed, till you feel you are not losing control of the ball.

Also, practice accuracy with speed. These two go hand in hand in a foosball game.

How to Practice Push Shot?

This is exactly opposite to pull shot. While it is natural to few, others make an effort to work on it. You push the rod around the ball and snap it for a short or long shot.

Begin in the same manner with a stationary ball. Do some shadow practice before you start hitting the ball. Just take the player slowly around the ball and do everything except touching the ball.

Better control is a must for everything on a foosball table. Practice towards getting the right feel of lateral and turning movement required to execute the push shot.

In games, all the shots are played to keep the opponent on toes. In practice, one-shot is practiced over and over again until one can do it without thinking. The whole purpose of practice is to ingrain all the movements into muscle memory.

Most foosball players, unlike most other sports, spend more time playing matches than practicing. Matches don’t improve your game. They just test how good you had practiced your skills.

Once you are done with the movement, you develop the control of hitting the ball at the right spot. Also, check what happens when you hit it at the wrong spot or wrong position.

Don’t worry at all about speed you generate. We will discuss here later. The magic word of practice is control. As you practice, remember the spin rule. Don’t flick it so much that it ends up making more than a full circle. That is a foul.

Though it is only practice, you need to ensure you are not breaking any rules. What you do in practice is what you do in the match.

Once you are comfortable with both push shot and pull a shot, practice them together. Both of them are used in tandem. There is not much to separate them except for the movement of the rod. These two shots are stock shots and should be a part of every player’s game.

How to Practice Bank Shot?

Let’s take the practice a notch higher. One does not practice this shot until one has had enough practice of controlling the balls and stock shots. But, when pulled off well, this shot is a pleasure to watch.

While practicing bank shots, a player has to think about all the possible angles. There are two walls and infinite points on these walls you can hit. Each strike will take the ball in a particular direction depending on the position it was struck from.

Banking shot is using the wall for your assistance. You don’t have to be a physics major to understand what reflection is. The bank shot uses the walls to pierce through the opposition’s defense.

It’s mostly used for long shots or long passes. It takes a lot of understanding and practice to have control over the shot. First to master is just hitting the ball on the walls. Use both sides of players to hit the balls on the walls. The accuracy is developed later.

Once you develop the feel of hitting the walls or banking, next is to make an aim and increase the accuracy. Many beginners try too many things on a single practice; hence find it difficult to play this shot.

Observe the shots and see exactly where they go. Do it with both push and pull movement and different positions. In a Foosball match, a player never has enough time to think. It is all muscle memory that finds the gaps, passes, and scores the goals.

This is a revision in physics and extremely effective in finding gaps. Not many opponents can guard well a good banking shot.

How to Practice the Rollover Shot?

Tony does it with panache. He places the handle on the top of his wrists and takes the snap with almost a full spin. You can watch videos given here for inspiration.

First, the rollover shot isn’t easy. This shot is difficult for a couple of reason. One, it needs a complete spin of the bar. You cannot play it with a normal grip. It has to be necessarily an open grip, and the bar is kept at the wrist and not in the palm.

Second, all would come to nothing if you do a full circle, which is a foul. A slight mistake and it can boil down to nothing: all effort gone in vain.

To begin, place the wrist on the handle and see if it is comfortable. If it is slipping or isn’t firm, place it to your comfort. Most players have their typical way of resting their wrist on the grip at various positions.

Next, try to see if you can rotate the bar to one full circle. This is just to check that you are ready to practice roll overshot. And, also if you have the complete control to stop it at any point on the curve as you rotate. Once you check this, you are ready to practice.

Place the ball just in front of the bar. Rest the leg on the bar and tap it a few times. Move it a little to check the control. With one big snap, spin the player completely till it hits the ball on the lower side.

As we said earlier, it isn’t easy to pull off a rollover shot. If you have a slow-motion feature, record it and see. Also, the player cannot move any further; it has to stop the moment it makes the impact.

This is one of the shots that separate a pro from an amateur. It needs perfect control and execution. Any lapse and the ball just roll over to the other team.

Begin the practice without the ball. Just place the ball and make the almost circle from the top of the ball to the bottom of the ball. Toss the ball between the players and keep making those circle less than 360 degrees.

As with every shot, begin with control and impact. Increase the speed when control is gained.

How to Practice Spray Shot?

Spray shot is any shot that is kicked diagonally. While the ball is in motion, you can either hit it diagonally or square it to go straight. As said earlier, practice these shots when you have perfected and gained confidence in the basic shots.

The diagonal or angle shot is achieved by pushing or pulling. For practicing spray shot, the technique is straight forward. If you are hitting the ball with the pull, keep the rods moving in the same direction. This will spray the ball inside.

If you are pushing, a player keeps it pushing: this will spray the ball away from you. The angle depends on the speed of the push or pull. To square the ball, the movement has to be snapped and stopped at the moment of impact.

As you learn to spray, you become better at finding gaps on the table. It gives a bigger range to a player. This shot and its variations wouldn’t be learned in a day. But, finally, when you can pull it off, you advance to a pro-level.

How to Practice on 5-Man mid-field Rod?

Most of the game will be played with the 5-rod. This is the key to both defense and offense. Hence, it is important to spend a lot of time practicing on the 5-man rod.

To practice, begin with players at the corners and learn to tic-tac between all players. Most beginners learn to tic-tac between two adjacent players but find it difficult to coordinate between players separated by a distance.

Spend hours with tic-tac pass till you can control the movement between any two players on the rod. Another important part is passing from the 5-man rod to the 3-man rod. Learn control and then learn to pass to the striker rod.

Sometimes, the 5-man rod can also be used to score a goal. Learn to hit the goal from the rod. Also, learn how to dodge and make fake moves. This helps you anticipate how the opposition reacts to your movement. In a match situation, this is the difference between winning and losing. Most of your practice should be on the 5-man rod.

How to Practice on 3-Man Striker Rod?

While you can hit long shots to score goals, most of the goals would be scored from the 3-man rod. Once the ball reaches the 3-man rod, good players have great conversion rates.

The central player on the 3-man rod scores most of the goals in any foosball match. A player has to practice a lot of control and shooting from the striker rod. This is the key to scoring more goals than the opposition.

To practice, learn to pin, catching, and striking. You don’t want the ball to roll-over when you are so close to your target. From back pinning to front pinning to all the shots, all need to be executed here with perfection.

The practiced should be to control every point from one end of the D box to another. Ideally, the area is increased by using a few inches in both the direction. All the possible shots should be practiced. If you have a willing friend, use him for defense as you learn to score goals.

In the doubles match, the better player takes the 3-rod and 5-rod. This wins you matches.

How to Practice Wall Pass?

When the game starts at the center, you quickly want to send it over to the 3-man rod. This is mostly achieved by passing by the wall or lane. Wall pass uses the gap between the wall and the first player on the opposition’s rod.

Most good players use this shot regularly. As the opponent moves the 5-man rod to intercept, the corners are exposed. A good wall pass can take the ball straight into the striker rod. It needs a fair amount of practice.

To practice wall pass- tic-tac pass between players on the 5-rod and try to pass as close to the wall as possible. A good wall pass is when the ball almost squeezes past the first player from the mid-field of the opponent.

Another advantage of the wall pass is that if it is hit well, the inertia can make space through the tiny space available. Start with accuracy and gradually add to the speed. Some players can reach speed above thirty miles per hour.

How to Practice Lane Pass?

Lane pass is used frequently to break the midfield defense. The ball is hit between the gaps in the players. If the players are stationary, it’s a child’s play, but no matching player will leave such gap.

To find the gap when the bar is moving fast needs anticipation and capacity to predict the way the other player plays. A good lane pass is a combination of accuracy, speed, and anticipation.

To practice, it is important to learn tapping and tic-tac pass. Whether you use a straight shot or diagonal to lane pass, more importantly, you can dodge the opposition.

Learn to circle and play fake shots. A good fake shot can lure the opponent into believing that you will be attempting wall pass. At the final moment, you can go for a lane. Work on speed as much as you can. It isn’t only about the speed of ball but the speed at which you move your rods on the table.

While practicing, make targets, and hit it repeatedly. Get a friend or someone to move the 5-rod of the opposition while you attempt lane to pass.

How to Practice Long Shots?

Long shots are effective if hit at the right time with the right speed. Long shots can be used both for passing and scoring goals. It is played from defense and sometimes from the 5-man rod.

In spite of all the movements going on, sometimes a straight gap opens up for a fraction of second. A long shot capitalizes on this gap. The key is observation and speed of execution.

To practice, long shots work on your wrist speed and observing the whole table. At the beginners’ level, it is easy to be carried by what is going on in the immediate vicinity. Learn to see the whole table while practicing solo.

Try to reach as far as you may on the table without compromising on control or direction. The area opens up for a short period, but if it is practiced well, there are opportunities to strike. To enhance the training another player is used.

How to Practice Pinning Shots?

Most advanced level players recommend beginners to practice pinning shoots. This gives you complete control of the ball. Pinning and moving on a bar gives you time to set up the play to fit your strengths.

Pinning also makes for a good defensive technique. Mere blocking isn’t enough. You need to control the game to win. With pinning, you keep the ball in your possession.

To practice, pin the ball under the legs and move in both directions. Initially, start with one player, move the pinned ball to the second player. Do it from first to the fifth player on the rod and then reverse. This gives you the feel of the ball under your legs.

Pass between two rods and pin the ball. Take the ball right at the center. Start with normal speed and gradually increase speed. Also, pin by bouncing off the walls and spinning balls. Also, practice both front pinning and back pinning.

Pinning is perhaps the most important technique in foosball, and it can be practiced alone completely. The added advantage is that pinning practice is fun.

How to Practice Brush Pass?

Brush Pass is mostly the pass between midfield and striker rods. It involves imparting spin to the ball. The spin makes the ball stick to the wall and almost skid to your player on the other side.

It takes time to practice Brush pass. As you start practicing brush pass, just keep the behind the rod and bring the player behind with motion and give a snap. The snap along with the movement provides the spin. The amount of gripping on the wall depends on the amount of spin on the ball.

When you start, the first shadow of the movement. You need to ensure that you have enough control on the rod to bring the player around the ball to give it the required snap. The ball wouldn’t spin much initially. Even if it just turns a little, do not let it disappoint you.

Brushing makes it difficult for the opposition to trapping. The speed on brushing comes at later stages. Work on providing more turns to the ball. Also, learn to pin a spinning ball. If you brush pass well, you need to catch it well.

How to Practice Tic-Tac Pass?

Tic-Tac pass is wall pass or lane pass. The Tic-Tac tossing between the players in the 5-man rod confuses the player, and when the gap is discovered, the ball is passed with a pull or push shot.

Practicing involves tic-tac between players. Start with the first and second player at a low speed. Focus on taking the ball with the full surface of the edged. Start with players vertical and then do the tic-tac with front and back tilt at various angles.

Once done with two players, practice this with all combinations on the mid-field rod. Gradually work towards increasing speed. The speed and to and fro movement in coordination makes the task difficult for the opposition.

Tic-Tac pass is practiced at all rods. The gap between the two players changes with each rod. A player has to be adept at tic-tac on all the rods. It is an important skill for overall game experience and executing the right strategy.

How to Practice Speed?

Once a player has learned control of the ball on the Foosball table, the next logical step is to work towards increasing speed. Speed is practiced alone.

Place the ball just below the bar and bring it from the back with a snap of the wrist. Foosball isn’t about power. Even a 7-year old can generate speed as high as a grown-up man. It is all about using the right technique.

Keep a comfortable grip. Stand in a comfortable position. Jerk your hands in both clockwise and anti-clockwise manner. There shouldn’t be any hurry. Don’t gain speed at the cost of losing control. The two go hand in hand.

Start with just hitting the ball at different positions by keeping a stationary ball. Once you feel you have gained the right wrist movement, move on to moving balls, pinning shots and all the shots mentioned here. Also, practice this on all the rods and players on the Foosball Table.

How to Get all the Players Involved?

While practicing solo, most beginners focus on a few players. The game is similar to football. Every player on the table has a role to play. No player should be neglected while practicing alone.

Practice each technique with all the players proportionately. Some players are using more often so give them more time, but you should know how to control all the players on the table and shoot from each position.

The practice of getting all the players opens your area of play. You have the whole field to yourself rather than just relying on areas around a few players. Remember, nothing new happens in a match. You will do what you practice.

How to Learn From Other Players?

There are hundreds of video tutorials online. All these champions of Foosball share their experience of how they learned the game and the techniques they used while practicing.

Subscribe to these channels and learn from them. It saves you time. Rather than discovering everything yourself, it’s better to learn something from those who have been there before.

They also answer to the queries because Foosball, unlike Football, is a niche sport. Some limited players play professionally. There are video links provided here. Kindly go through all of them if you want to work on your skills.

Go and visit local clubs where amateurs and professionals regularly meet. Their feedback will help you improve your game. You can also observe others in action and exactly see what you need to fix.

Also, watch championship matches. Many of them are available on YouTube. Watching the matches tells you the way all the practiced skills are used in matches.

How to Improve your Grip?

The whole Foosball game is controlled with two hands. You control on the game, the speed you generate, the spin you achieve on the balls, all depends on the way you hold the handle.

If you have a table at home, see that the grip holds well: if not, get a grip or wear gloves. The control isn’t achieved by holding the handle tightly but using nudging and turning by using the friction between hands and the grip.

There are two types of grip- the traditional and open-handed. Traditional is how you hold the grip as a beginner. It is easy but doesn’t give much flexibility. Open-handed increases the flexibility of shots. In the end, it is a choice but open-handed opens of the games to more control and variety of skills.

For more ways to improve your grip read our article on it here on the site.

How to Improve your Stance?

Foosball is a very competitive and engaging game. Once you are into the game, you don’t process anything else. Work on your stance while practicing at home or solo.

There is no standard as such but a general guideline, including keeping a comfortable gap between knees. The knees should bend a little to allow for free movement in both to and fro direction.

The central idea is to not start until you feel comfortable. Work on your comfort stance and practice it on that stance. Remember, what you do during practice is what you do in a match.

How to Practice According to Rules?

Many players forget to practice according to rules. They play great shots and pin around with style, but the referee keeps announcing the penalty. This isn’t a pleasing thought for any Foosball player.

Know all the international rules of the game. Whether you are a beginner or on your way to becoming a pro, you need to know all the rules. Good players don’t miss chances, and that means don’t take penalties by doing it right all the time.

The time limit of the ball on goalie, defense and striker rod is 15 seconds. The time limit for the ball on the mid-field rod is 10 seconds. With all amazing tic-tac and pinning, it’s a foul if you spend more time on it.

Another rule important to know is the amount of time you can hit the wall before passing it to another rod. If you hit the ball on the wall more than twice before passing the possession of the ball goes to another team.

Know all the rules as you get down practicing

Importance of Practicing Solo

Matches are exciting no doubts. When you are playing with friends at a bar or café, it’s more about the excitement. But to work on the game you have to practice solo.

While practicing solo you can record the videos and see it review how you play. You can practice all the skills while practicing alone. When playing with friends or matches, you only display the skills you have learned.

All great Foosball players spend hours honing their skills. It’s amazing to see them in action during matches but behind those exceptional skills lay devotion and meticulous action. Solo is the way to advance in foosball.

Practicing with Other Players

While practicing with other players isn’t only about winning. It is about reading the minds, predicting, and understanding patterns.

Foosball is a game about hand-eye coordination, but as the game goes on mind needs to be kept alert. This alertness tells you what shot to play and when to play.

So, in your beginning days, when you play with friends, watch how they play and how each has a preference for a few particular shots. Whether a player realizes or not, everyone has a strategy while playing Foosball. A goon player reads it.


The Ultimate Solo Foosball Practice brings in the techniques and tips from the experts who have mastered this game. The purpose of putting everything you need at a beginner’s level under a single umbrella. Use this to improve your game. Watch this space for more on Foosball.

How to Serve in Foosball – Incl. Serving to Yourself


That foosball is an interesting game is certainly not in doubt. Indeed, this game is also convenient in the sense that it brings about the attendant enjoyment but without the need to go out in the open to accrue the same. It is only fair that you know how to play the game strategically.

Serving the game is probably the first and foremost thing you need to know. The kind of approach you adopt depends on two main factors. First is the nature of the game itself. Is it a home or tournament game? Then, there are rules that are laid down by the governing body which also come into play.

In our discussions below, we shall look into these two case scenarios and the rules that guide the processes concerned. Our aim in the discussions below endeavor to aid you in setting out and doing a great job on the whole. Read through our discussions diligently and patiently to gain the necessary inspiration.

How to Serve in home game Foosball

We have already explained that the game of foosball may be played for fun or for competitive undertakings. In this segment of the discussions, we are going to examine the home tournaments. This kind of sport stands apart from the others in the sense that it is not played against any competitor for a large part.

The second part is devoted to the tournament competitions. In this kind of foosball game, two or more parties play, usually for a coveted prize. There are rules and regulations that govern this kind of tournament. For this reason, it is an undertaking that ought to be approached with some care and attention.

Home Games

As the name implies, the home game is the one you play when in the comfort of your own home. It is non-competitive in nature and is purely for the sake of killing time. This being the case, this kind of game is slow, comfortable and less strenuous to undertake. As such, you need not necessarily have to strain yourself to play it.

Since it is a home game you simply have to agree with your opponent on what rules you want to play by. Some home game rules that have nothing to do with the official rules stated further down.

How to Serve to Yourself in Home Games

Follow these steps to serve in this sense: (Remember this is not allowed in tournaments)

  • Place the ball in the hole and pin it in between your thumb and index finger using your left hand
  • Fix your index finger on the inside part of the table
  • Maintain your thumb on the outer portion of the table in order to hold the ball firmly in place
  • Apply some pressure using your right index finger to the upper right-hand side of the foosball
  • Release your left hand from the ball
  • Place the said hand on your 5-bar rod handle to ready yourself for the serving
  • Roll your right index finger to the left-hand side over the top of the ball and let it slip through the hole
  • In this way, you will apply some spin on the ball in such a way as to let it drop directly to the second man on the 5-bar piece.
  • Go ahead to catch the foosball and maintain the possession from the serve onwards

Tournaments Games

Serving in foosball for tournament games differs markedly from the home serving. The process kicks off with the determination of who will serve first. To do this, a coin is tossed, and the side that wins the coin toss carries the day. After winning the toss, the team that starts:

  • First, ask the opponent if they are “ready”
  • When the opponent confirms they are ready you have 3 seconds to begin placing the ball.
  • Place the ball at the middle player on the 5-man rod. Either side is fine.
  • Then you have to move the ball from one player to another on the 5-man rod. And wait for 1 second before the ball can move up the field. (The ball is allowed to move during the 1 second)

ISAF Tournament Rules on Serving the Ball

ISAF, the body that oversees the promotion of foosball has some rules in place to govern the serving. These rules are six in number and cover every aspect of the tournament thereof. In this last segment of the discussions, we are going to look into these rules to determine how they are likely to impact your overall experience. Below are the rules that you have to adhere to while participating in your tournaments:

Serve and Ready Protocol (Official Ruleset Section 4)

  • A serve is defined as putting the ball into play at the five-man rod at the beginning of a game, after a point is scored or if the ball is awarded to a player on the five-man rod following a rules infraction. The ready protocol will be used whenever putting the ball into play.
  • 4.1 The serve.
    The serve shall begin with the ball stopped at the middle player figure of the five-man rod. The player serving the ball must then follow the ready protocol

    4.1.1 If the ball is served from a position other than the middle player figure and the violation is discovered before the ball is scored play shall stop and the ball will be reserved by the same team. Once a point is scored, no appeal shall be made. The penalty for subsequent violations is loss of possession to the opponent for serve.
  • 4.2 Ready Protocol
    Before putting the ball into play the player in possession of the ball shall ask the opponent if he is “ready”. The direct opponent has three seconds to respond “ready”. The player in possession of the ball now has three seconds to begin to put the ball into play. Waiting beyond these time limits will be considered a delay of game (See Rule 25). The player must move the ball from one player figure to another and then wait at least one second before advancing the ball. The player is not required to stop the ball. Time limits begin one second after the ball contacts the second player figure.
  • 4.2.1 The penalty for beginning to put the ball into play before the opponent responds “ready” is a warning and the ball shall be put into play from its original position. The penalty for subsequent violations is loss of possession to the opponent for serve.
  • 4.2.2 The penalty for advancing the ball without making it contact two player figures or failing to wait one second before advancing the ball is the opponent’s choice to either continue play from the current position (including the goal) or to serve the ball.

Other Rules to Know


This basically entails tossing a coin to determine which side serves first. The rule comes into play when tackling professional tournaments. As a general rule, the team that wins the toss gets to serve first. After the first goal is scored, the one that has been scored is the one that serves first, and so on.

No Spinning 

Whenever the rod completes a 360° rotation without getting into contact with the ball, the spin rule applies. This spinning is generally considered an illegal move as the rod of necessity has to touch the ball in every spin. Players are discouraged from maneuvering this kind of spin.

Check our article on why you shouldn’t spin here and why it is illegal.

No Jarring 

Jarring refers to a situation in which the rod hits the wall of the foosball deliberately to dispossess the other player of the ball. No jarring is generally allowed or tolerated at any point in the tournament or competition.

It is worth noting that the rule only applies when the rod is hit against the wall. It is nevertheless suspended when the rod is held to the back and forth in the attempt to mount a formidable defense. Many people view it as a subjective regulation.

Dead Balls 

A dead ball is a situation in which the foosball stops right in the middle of two opposing team rods. In this case, the ball has to be picked up and served afresh. As a general rule, it is the team that last conceded the goal that is supposed to serve in this sense.

In case this dead ball happens to be on the defensive two bar, it is the defensive player who has to move the ball into the playing position. The rule exists to prevent a situation in which the players deliberately cause the dead balls in order to compel a fresh serving.

Out of Play 

Out-of-play refers to a circumstance in which the ball comes off the table area or collides with a top rail and the bounces back into the table area. In this case, the ball is deemed out-of-play and has to be served afresh by the team that conceded the last goal.


So the serv itself isn’t that difficult but I would recommend that you know the rules related to the serve. It is a bad thing having to turn over the ball due to a mistake that could be avoided by know the rules. And also could be nice getting the advantage if your opponent makes the mistake.

Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table

This review is written by a user and a buyer of the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table:

I bought the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table product a few weeks ago and I don’t regret it at all, It’s not the only table I currently have as I’ve been collecting them ever since I graduated from med school, but it certainly is one of my best.

The overall frame is sturdy and it doesn’t really sway from side to side (even during the most intense games). The interior of the table is absolutely perfect in terms of looks as well as functionality. So far, I’ve been playing with the table continuously since my purchase, and the description does not disappoint.

Everything is included in the kit as stated including spare playing balls and a handy protective cover, like a foosball addict I’ve encountered a lot of worthy tables across the years and this is in the top, the fact that the players are not plastic-made makes them much stronger and durable during play, the poles are nicely fitted with rubber grips that makes them all the much easier and comfortable to handle.

The bottom of the supporting poles are also sturdy and they’ve got this nice grip to the ground so the table doesn’t move forward or backward during play.

Overall I’ll sum up the quality of the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table.


  • It comes with everything mentioned in the set.
  • Its appropriately sized, so it’ll easily fit in any reasonably sized room.
  • It works great outside with the cover to protect it.
  • The three-year warranty really places you in a comfortable worry-free position.
  • The grips really give you the feel of the play.
  • The side rails keep the ball in the play area.


  • When it comes to foosball I prefer my players to be painted and not just the traditional red and blue peg style.
  • The table is slightly too heavy.
  • The outside appearance of the table could be overall improved.
  • This product is costly unless you’re a serious foosball player that wants to play professionally.

A lot of sites recommend that the foosball tables you buy be fitted with a good ball recovery system, so nobody has to actually reach their hand in and grab it, the ball pocket really does help with this matter in terms of safety, especially around children if they aren’t careful enough.

The Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table comes pre-lubed, so you don’t need to worry about rough poles during play. I especially love the glass surface and the way it glistens in the corner of my room, the railings are that bring the ball back from the corners are a nice touch too, something you don’t usually encounter with mediocre foosball tables, the ball still gets stuck sometimes but that rarely ever happens.

I had always been a fan of the Kettler products due to their high quality looks as well as performance. In conclusion, I’d give the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table a rating of about 8/10, despite some of its flows I would recommend the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table and I personally got my money’s worth.

This review is written by a user and a buyer of the Kettler Carbon Outdoor Foosball Table:

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