KICK – The Foosball Brand

When exploring the world of Foosball table manufacturers, it will be discovered there are quite a few names in the business. They all come from many different backgrounds and offer their customer base a little something different than the others. The KICK Foosball company is proud to be extremely customer orientated.

Where did KICK Foosball start? What makes them so appealing to their customers? What products do they offer? Some of these questions are easier to answer than others.

The History of KICK Foosball

This is one of the questions that are difficult to answer. Their founder is elusive and not even named on their company website ( While the person behind the curtain is shrouded in some mystery, KICK’s website does tell us that their founder has 25 years of Foosball experience under their belt. Their love for the sport of Foosball drove them to team up with engineers to create the KICK brand. The company was founded and still is located in the United States, in the state of Texas.

The Customer Appeal

KICK Foosball’s foundation from the very start was based on the love of the sport. The founder was determined to bring the Foosball experience to homes nationwide. This devotion leads to what the company is today and continues to fuel its sales. KICK specializes in the creation of home Foosball tables with pro quality for affordable costs.

One of the biggest issues to tackle when making a line of tables for home use is the cost. Many other companies out there have expensive, lavish tables that are not practical for the everyday consumer. KICK addressed this by providing exciting gameplay at lower costs, which they claim is 40 to 50 % cheaper than others. They deliver on this promise.

Not only does the KICK company deliver on more affordable price tags, but they fully stand behind the quality of their products. This is important because some companies that produce items at lower costs just pump out products to sell with no care behind the construction. KICK shows its true dedication to the customer by ensuring all the tables leaving their facilities are up to standards. They offer all their customers Lifetime Warranties on their tables, along with a satisfaction guarantee. They even offer free same-day shipping on all tables. This level of customer service is undeniably unmatched.

KICK Brand Products

Another admirable trait of the KICK brand is they use quality materials to construct their tables. The amount of quality control that goes into each table is highly measured due to their product lines is limited. The “less is more” mind frame keeps costs low, production high, and overall value as close to perfect as can be. This sort of business model is respectable.
KICK makes three different sizes of tables. The tables come in 37″, 48″, and 55″. They also make a mini table that comes in 33″, but it is just categorized in the 37″ catalog. They also offer some additional accessories, which we will explore after going into detail about their tables.

37″ Foosball Table(s)

As mentioned before, under this category, they also offer a compact mini table that sizes in at 33″. The Compact mini table is suitable for children due to its size and weight (only 15 lbs). It comes in bright blue, with the KICK logo along the side. The Foosball men are painted to look like actual football (soccer) men and the ball is of plastic nature painted like a soccer ball. It retails at $199 other places, but through the KICK website, it sells for an attractive price of $44.85.

The 37″ table, coined the “KICK Emerald” Foosball table is a popular piece out of the two options in this category. KICK sells it for $84.85 and for that excellent price, the customer gets a sleek modern looking table. They are black and silver and once again feature the Foosball men being painted characteristically as such.

48″ Foosball Tables

This line of tables has a bigger catalog with the option of 8 different styles. They range in price from $140 to $500. Each table has a unique look and name.
The first table in the product line is the KICK Elite Red table. Weighing in at 60 lbs, this little gem has a red cabinet with sleek black legs featuring levelers to find the perfect playing area. It comes with 26 total Foosball players, soccer-style balls, and slide scoring mounts on either side.
The next table is the KICK Liberty table, which is extremely modern in its design with a black cabinet and legs. It has the same features as the first but weighs in at 55 lbs.

The third one listed is their KICK Fantasy table with a block-y design in white and black coloring. Other than its chunky-looking design, it is not much different than its previously listed partners.

The next two on the list is the KICK Glory and Conquest tables. The Glory table resembles a traditional Foosball table with a wooden cabinet, very classic looking construction. The Conquest table is a heftier built table with an extra support beam built into the legs. This table is meant for serious play and can withstand the extra forceful playing. Even with its bigger build and extra beam, it still only manages to weigh in at 57 lbs.

The following two on the product list is the KICK Freedom and Monarch tables. These tables offer up a bit different of a design. The Freedom table resembles European tables in its “babyfoot” look, the only difference being the table corners are not rounded off like traditional babyfoots.
The Monarch table is the table that takes the cake in this product line. Its revolutionary construction allows for it to be folded up and stored vertically! This is genius for space saving purposes and perfect for customers with small homes or apartments. This type of table truly puts the KICK brand at the top of the competitor list.

The last table in the 48″ product line is perhaps their most unique (next to the Monarch of course). The final table is their most expensive at $509. This is because it has a dual purpose! It is coined their KICK Java Foosball Coffee Table. It is not only bringing its customers the great gameplay of Foosball but providing a stylish and fun centerpiece for their living rooms as a coffee table. This is the only table in this collection that uses telescopic rods (where the rod doesn’t completely leave the table on the opposite side, as a safety feature). It is made of real wood and has a tempered glass top.

55″ Foosball Tables

KICK brand’s line of 55″ Foosball Tables is their largest, with 16 styles available. While we won’t explore all 16 tables, it can be noted that the come in a various spectrum of colors and design. There are repeat designs from their 48″ collection, including the visionary folding table as well as some babyfoot looking tables. There are quite a few tables in this line that have telescopic rods. They give the customer the freedom of choosing whether or not they want that type of rod by offering it on various styles of tables. They range in price from $389 to $779.

One of the notable tables from this collection is the KICK Galaxy table. Its claim to fame is the maroon cabinet, babyfoot looking design, telescopic rods, and precise player control.

The KICK tournament table offers up truly advanced gameplay with sturdy construction, counterbalanced Foosball men and premium bearings for precision control. This truly brings the pro play experience to the home of the customer.

Another notable table from the 55″ line from KICK is their Gemini Foosball table. Not only does it provide advanced gameplay with counterbalanced men but offers a modern looking table that also resembles a classic look. The wooden finish sings classic look along with a stocky built cabinet, but the coloring of light grey and black legs gives it the modern twist.
Additional Accessories from KICK Foosball Brand

Foosball tables are the main game at the KICK Foosball facility, but they also offer other accessories for its customers. They offer Foosball balls in traditional soccer style, cork and what they call “imperial” which look like plastic white balls. Other than that, they only offer replacement Foosball men and scorekeepers of every color.
Assembly Videos

To make sure their customer gets service above and beyond, the KICK Foosball brand also provides a pretty unique feature on their website. For their most popular and involved tables, they offer assembly videos. These videos detail every step needed to make sure the table is assembled to perfection. Each video is hosted through YouTube.

KICK Foosball Brand: Customers are their #1 Priority

The Kick Foosball brand serves up the best customer service in the business. Their business model has truly revolutionized the Foosball customer base by providing top quality tables at exceptional prices. None of their tables listed on their website exceeds $800 and for the quality that is more than worth the price. They keep the love of Foosball simple and the prices clear and that will keep their customers satisfied as well continually grow their client base.