🧤Should I Use Gloves Playing Foosball🧤

When I play foosball I quickly begin to sweat in the palm of my hands, making my them slip and losing my grip. This made me take a look at some gloves for foosball.

So should I use gloves for foosball? If your problem is that your hands are slipping the yes gloves are a great solution. Some player feel that they loose the natural feel they have over the rod with bare hands.

Is It Allowed To Use Gloves in Foosball

Yes, in foosball it is allowed to use extra equipment like gloves. In foosball it is even encouraged you to find a way to fix slippery hands so you can play properly.

How to Choose What Foosball Gloves to Buy

When choosing gloves for foosball there are a few things you need to take into account.

  • Size of the gloves

Advantages to Using Gloves

What are the advantages of using gloves. There aren’t many but the one the gloves are made for it does well, and that is getting a better grip of the foosball rods.

  • Better grip of the rod
  • Sweat from your hands stays in the gloves

Disadvantages to Using Gloves

There are a few disadvantages to using gloves.

  • When making a snake shot the closing of the gloves can get in the way.
  • The gloves can get loose when you play for a long time.
  • Some people feel they lose some of the natural feel for the rod. But this is an individual feeling.
  • The gloves will need to be washed

Choosing the Size

When choosing the size for your gloves I recommend you take a look at this guide chart.

To find out your glove size, measure (in inches) all the way around your hand with a tape measure, just below the knuckles. You should use your dominant hand, the right if you are right-handed, and the left if you are left-handed. This is because your dominant hand is usually the biggest hand. If you want a more tighter fit i recomend you take a size smaller.

Here is also a video explaining how to measure the size of your hand, so you get the right size gloves when ordering.

S7 1/2 – 820
M8 1/2 – 923
L9 1/2 – 1025
XL10 1/2 – 1128
XXL11 1/2 – 1230
S6 1/216 1/2
M/L7 1/219
XL8 1/223

Alternatives to Foosball Gloves

There are a few alternatives to foosball gloves. The most used is the wraps but a few people also use rubber tubes they put over the handle bar.

Foosball Wraps:
Foosball wrap are easy to wrap around the handle of all types.
They are easy to use and apply to the handlebars.

Foosball Tubes:
You can use tubes to cover the handle to improve your grip. There aren’t many places where you can buy these because more and more people are using wraps or gloves.

Can I Wash Foosball Gloves

Yes, you can wash your foosball gloves. Some gloves can be washed by soaking in water and some can even be washed in the washing machine, at delicate wash. But remember to check the washing instruction from the manufacture of the gloves.

Combining Gloves and Wraps

For those of you who really want to have extra control of your rod. You can put wraps on the rods and gloves on your hands to get some extra grip. I very rarely see this, most people stick to one or the other.

Snake Shot and

If you use the snake shot a lot then avoid using gloves on the 3-player offense rod. The glove can give complications during the kick.

My Personal Recommendation To Using Gloves

This here is my own personal opinion and therefore it is can be biased.
I have played receiver as a football player, so I am not unfamiliar to playing with gloves. But when playing foosball I highly prefer playing with foosball wraps. The wraps don’t need to be washed and they also take up less space in my pocket, that way I will always be able to have a set on me.
So my personal verdict is to use wraps instead of using gloves, but it is also possible to combine the 2 for extra grip if you need it.

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